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The Importance of the NORA Process

NORA is an acronym for Notice of Reasonable Assurance. When properly submitted the form tells your supervisor whether you are interested in an assignment in the coming semester, as well as the days and times you are available for work. The NORA form is now submitted electronically from MySCCC .

Email notices are sent to all active adjuncts twice a year (early March for Summer and Fall assignments, and early October for Wintersession and Spring assignments) to notify adjunct faculty of the start/end dates to complete this process. The Adjunct Seniority List for that semester is generated from the list of people who have submitted their NORA forms on time. Faculty listed on the Adjunct Seniority List will receive assignments in seniority order according to the preferences indicated on their NORA form.

Adjunct faculty who do not submit their NORA form on time, and are interested in teaching in the coming semester, will (upon notification) be placed on the Adjunct Late List. According to the seniority rules adjuncts on the late list lose their seniority rights and will not receive an assignment until all adjuncts in the discipline who have submitted timely NORA forms have all of their assignments. Thus, it is extremely important to submit your NORA form on time.

Seniority Lists A, B, C

As a result of the last round of negotiations, agreed upon by the FA and college in May 2006, all current adjuncts will be offered a full complement of courses before courses can be assigned to newly hired adjuncts.  Thus, beginning with September 2006, all adjuncts will be placed on a B list for their first three semesters, and those hired previously will be placed on an A list. Here’s how the process works: 

The A List

All A list adjuncts (hired before September 2006) will be offered the full complement of courses that they have requested on the NORA form—that is, up to the maximum of what they requested as long as it fits in their schedule—before anyone on the B list can receive assignments.  As in the past, assignments from the A list will be based on seniority and availability.

The B List

After all adjuncts on the A list have received their assignments, then the chair should go to the B list and offer assignments to the new hires; assignments to B list adjuncts will also be based on seniority and availability.

Beginning with adjuncts hired as of September 2006, newly hired adjuncts will remain on the B list for their first three semesters, after which time they’ll be moved to the A list.

The C List

The C list is simply the A list and B list combined.

The three semesters include only those semesters during which an adjunct has an assignment. Wintersession and summer session count as a single semester.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact FA adjunct coordinator Kim Ng Southard by email or by phone (631) 451-4151.

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