General Information:

Textbooks and supplies can be obtained at the college bookstore located on each campus. Courses are campus specific - refer to your section number and location code from the class schedule.

Students are responsible for the purchase of their own textbooks and ordinary stationery supplies. While textbook costs vary, the average cost ranges between $60 and $100 per course.

Please refer to the campus website for location, store hours, course listings, and buyback information. Textbook mail order and text reservation are also available.

Textbook Laws:

See the New York State Textbook Law and Federal Textbook Law for information governing textbook access, bundling, and pricing transparency.


Eastern Campus Bookstore Website

Location: Peconic Building
Phone:    (631) 548-2554

Email the Bookstore
Eastern Bookstore Website 

Grant Campus Bookstore Website

Location: Captree Commons
Phone:    (631) 851-6768 

Email the Bookstore 
Email the Text Manager
Grant Bookstore Website