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College Course Expectations

Motivation and time management are essential skills for success in college-level work. Students receive a course syllabus from their college professor at the start of the course that indicates the course requirements and topics to be covered. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with readings and assignments, prepare for assessments, seek assistance where needed and understand what is required of them to be successful in the course. Courses are generally rigorous with increased student expectations, are designed to promote independent and group study skills, and elicit higher level class discussions. Students are encouraged to utilize available Suffolk learning resources; online tutoring through the Virtual Learning Commons (VLC) log onto MYSuffolk County Community College, the College Library or the Academic Advising and Mentoring Centers (AAMC).

Students are responsible to purchase requisite course textbooks and learning resources/materials. Costs for course textbooks/learning resources/materials vary per course and may be in the realm of approximately $50-$100 per course (costs are posted on the course schedule).

Suffolk's Counseling-Advising Centers

Students and parents/guardians should become familiar with:

Absences and Attendance:

Suffolk County Community College expects that each student will exercise personal responsibility with regard to class attendance. All students are expected to attend every class session of each course for which they are registered. Students are responsible for all that transpires in class whether or not they are in attendance, including absences resulting from late registration. The College defines excessive absence or lateness as more than the equivalent of one week of class meetings for the semester. Excessive absence or lateness may lead to failure or removal from the course. A student may be required to withdraw from a course when, in the judgment of the instructor, absences have been excessive. Tuition is non-refundable.

Students are expected to abide by the college’s policies on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Grading Policy:

Student grades earned through the Early College Program conform to Suffolk’s grading policy and will be included on the student's permanent academic transcript. See the “Beginning a College Transcript and Viewing Grades” tab for the complete grading policy.

Early College Program Agreement

As stated in the Early College Program [ECP] Agreement, participation in the program assumes certain obligations on the part of both the College and the student.

The College agrees to:

  • Assign students to classes appropriate to their ability and interests and provide qualified faculty to teach such courses.  Students are not eligible to enroll in online courses or non-college credit bearing courses through the Early College Program.
  • Assist students in the scheduling of their classes.
  • Monitor student progress and communicate problems and issues to the students, parents and high school as needed.
  • Schedule meetings with the high school’s students and staff to determine that the program is meeting students’ needs.
  • Report course grades back to the high school in a timely fashion.
  • Integrate ECP students into the life of the College as much as their schedules allow.
  • Provide available college support services as needed.

The student agrees to:

  • Attend all classes and arrive in the classroom before the class starting time.
  • Complete the coursework (reading, homework, papers, tests, participation, etc.) at the level expected of a college student.
  • Behave in a respectful manner consistent with the College Student Code of Conduct
  • Obtain a College ID card on or prior to the first day of class and carry the card on your person whenever on campus.
  • Adhere to all program and college due dates and deadlines.

Course Offerings

Students must have satisfied any and all course placement guidelines/pre-requisites, and communicate with their campus Early College Program counselor for advisement, course selection and registration. Not all courses are available at every campus and appropriate time frames. Course Descriptions

ACC 101 Financial Accounting I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ANT 103 Physical Anthropology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: RDG099 or ESL012 or equivalent)

ART 101 Art Appreciation – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ART 111 Art History I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ART 113 Modern Art – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ART 114 History of Photography – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ART 130 2D Design – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ART 133 Drawing I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ASL 101 American Sign Language I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ASL 103 Deaf Culture and Contemporary Issues – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

AST 101 Astronomy of the Solar System – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

AST 102 Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

BIO 101 Principles of Biology – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

BIO 130 Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007, AP Biology with minimum 3 or completed HS Biology and Chemistry with a minimum 85 GPA)

BIO 150 Modern Biology I – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: Must have completed HS Biology and Chemistry with an 85 GPA; and MAT-111 level or higher.

BUS 101 Introduction to Business – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

BUS 112 Computing for Business – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

BUS 123 Entrepreneurship – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

BUS 127 Organizational Behavior – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

BUS 201 Management Principles and Practices – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CHE 100 General Chemistry – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or HS Integrated Algebra or equivalent)

CHE 133 College Chemistry I – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: CHE100 or CHE122 or permission of Chair/Academic Dean and MAT124)

CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CIN 111 Cinema Studies I: From Kinetescopes to Kane – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

COL 101 College Seminar – 1 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

COM 101 Introduction to Human Communication – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

COM 102 Interpersonal Communication – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

COM 105 Public Speaking – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CRJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CRJ 103 Substantive Criminal Law – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CRJ 105 Police Operations – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CRJ 107 Evidence and Procedural Law – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CRJ 111 Criminalistics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CRJ 205 Introduction to Criminal Investigations – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

CST 111 Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ECO 111 Macroeconomics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ECO 112 Microeconomics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

EDU 101 Foundations of Early Childhood Education – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ENG 101 Standard Freshman Composition – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ENG 102 Introduction to Literature – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: ENG101)

ESC 101 Introduction to Geology – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

ESC 102 Evolution of Earth and Life – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

FRE 101 Elementary French I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

GEO 101 World Regional Geography – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

GEO 102 Culture and the Environment – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

GER 101 Elementary German I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 101 Western Civilization I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 102 Western Civilization II – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 103 Foundations of American History – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 104 Modern American History – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 107 Modern World History – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 118 Major World Cultures – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 119 The Far Eastern World – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HIS 120 History of Religion – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HSC 101 Health Concepts – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HSC 104 Nutrition Concepts and Controversies – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HSC 112 Safety, First Aid and CPR – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HSC 114 Group Dynamics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HUM 111 The Holocaust – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HUM 114 Mythology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HUM 116/WST 116 Gender and the Humanities – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HUM 124 Women and the Healing Arts – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

HUS 101 Introduction to Social Welfare – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ITL 101 Elementary Italian I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

ITL 102 Elementary Italian II – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: ITL101 or fulfillment of equivalent HS placement requirement- see guidelines chart under “Foreign Language”)

JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

LAT 101 Elementary Latin – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

LAW 101 Introduction to Law – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

LAW 111 Business Law I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MAR 105 Introduction to Oceanography – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

MAT 101 Survey of Mathematical Reasoning – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MAT 102 A Survey of Contemporary Mathematical Topics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MAT 103 Statistics I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MAT 111 Algebra II – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MAT 121 Finite Mathematics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite MAT111 or equivalent)

MAT 124 Fundamentals of Precalculus I – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: C or better in MAT111 or successful completion of three years of HS Regents-level Math)

MAT 141 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: C or better in MAT125 or MAT126)

MET 101 Introduction to Weather – 4 cr. (Pre-requisite: MAT007 or equivalent)

MKT 101 Marketing – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MKT 213 Advertising – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MUS 101 Understanding Music – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

MUS 103 The History of Rock and Roll – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

PHL 101 Issues in Philosophy – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

PHL 104 Critical Thinking – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

PHL 107 Ethics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

PHL 212 Ethical Issues in Business – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

POL 103 State and Local Politics and Government – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

POL 105 American National Politics and Government – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

POL 107 World Politics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

POL 111 Comparative Politics – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

PSY 201 Brain and Behavior – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: PSY101)

PSY 210 Lifespan Development – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: PSY101)

PSY 213 The Exceptional Child – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: PSY101)

PSY 216 Social Psychology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: PSY101)

PSY 217 Adolescent Psychology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: PSY101)

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

SPN 102 Elementary Spanish II – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: SPN101 or fulfillment of equivalent HS placement requirement- see guidelines chart under “Foreign Language”)

SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I – 3 cr. (Pre-requisite SPN102 or SPN113 or fulfillment of equivalent HS placement requirement)

THR 101 Understanding Theater - 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

THR 105 Acting I - 3 cr. (Pre-requisite: Placement)

Course Descriptions

See the tab ‘Course Offerings” for a listing of available courses for students participating in the Early College Program. Students must have satisfied any and all course placement guidelines/pre-requisites, and communicate with their campus Early College Program counselor for advisement, course selection and registration. Not all courses are available at every campus and appropriate time frames.

A description of every course offered at the college can be viewed at Course Descriptions and Learning Outcomes.

Each course description contains the course number, course title, required course prerequisites, the number of college credits assigned to the course and campuses in which the course is offered. Course descriptions with “Notes” would indicate courses meeting the SUNY General Education Framework.

All students enrolled in programs leading to A.A., A.S., and baccalaureate degrees are required by the State University of New York to complete 30 credits of the SUNY General Education Framework (SUNY-GE) and 20 credits for students enrolled in A.A.S. degrees. Some of the courses help fulfill the SUNY-GER.

For additional information, visit: Suffolk County Community College Catalog.

Or visit: NYS General Education Requirements.