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Beginning a College Academic Transcript

When a student enrolls in their first college-level course, he or she is initiating a new, permanent academic record; the college transcript. Students enrolled in the Early College Program should understand the implications of starting a college transcript and that their grades earned through the program are included on their Suffolk academic transcript. 

Poor grades on a student’s transcript can have an impact on a student's academic future. For students planning to continue their education at Suffolk, unsatisfactory performance or course withdrawal can also put academic standing and future financial aid eligibility in jeopardy.

Grading Policy and Viewing Grades

Grading Policy:

Student grades in courses offered through the Early College Program conform to Suffolk’s grading system and will be included on the student's Suffolk academic transcript. Grades are available to students on the student portal (MySCCC) at the close of each semester. The instructor’s analysis of each student’s academic achievement will be in accordance with the following grading system:

Suffolk Grade

High School Grade

Quality Points

A 90-100% 4.0
B+ 85-89% 3.5
B 80-84% 3.0
C+ 75-79% 2.5
C 70-74% 2.0
D+ 65-69% 1.5
D 60-64% 1.0
F 59% or below 0

Students who are ill or are unable for other valid reasons to complete the semester’s work may, at the discretion of the instructor, receive an INC on their academic transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all work within the first four weeks of the subsequent semester; otherwise the INC will automatically become an F.

A student may withdraw from a course and receive a W any time up to the mid-semester date of that semester or term. Withdrawal grades will appear on a student’s Suffolk academic transcript and may influence a student’s academic standing and eligibility for financial aid.

Viewing Grades Earned at Suffolk:

Grades are available to students on the student portal (MySCCC) at the close of each semester. Students use their assigned usernames and passwords to access grades through “MySCCC”. If not available, students may obtain their Suffolk ID number from their high school or use their social security number to log on.

To access Suffolk grades through the student portal:

  • Go to:
  • Click: MySCCC (top right)
  • Under the log-in box, sign in by entering a username and password, and follow the links to “View My Transcript” or click on “Create a Username and Password” under “New Students”.

Students may order an unofficial copy of their academic transcript and have it sent to their home through the TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM.

It is the student’s responsibility to review his or her Suffolk academic transcript at the end of the semester and communicate any discrepancies to the college professor.

Transferring College Credit Earned at Suffolk

The Early College Program allows students to earn college credits recorded on an official Suffolk academic transcript. College credits earned with a reported grade of "C" or better are accepted by a wide range of colleges and universities throughout the country, with general acceptance within State University of New York (SUNY) institutions. Acceptance of credit for college-level course work is under the domain of the receiving college/university. Students are advised to consult the individual college/university for their specific course credit transfer and equivalency policies prior to enrolling in courses through Suffolk's Early College Program. Suffolk County Community College will accept all credits earned successfully through the Early College Program.

To ensure that earned Suffolk credits are transferred to their attending college/university, students must request that an official Suffolk academic transcript be sent.

To have official academic transcripts sent to an attending college, complete the form located on Requesting an Official Transcript. 

Students may order an unofficial copy of their academic transcript through the transcript request form and have it sent to their home. An unofficial academic transcript can be brought to your attending college for advising purposes, however an official copy is required to transfer the credits.

Students should check to make sure all grades are posted prior to requesting a transcript, or check the box under the tab "Tell us when to release your transcripts" stating "Course Taken Through High School Program (January or June End)". Grades are posted at the end of each semester and official Suffolk academic transcripts are available to send to the student’s attending college at that time.

It is recommended that students who participate in the Early College Program maintain a portfolio of the course syllabi and their work as documentation in consultation with their anticipated attending college. The College discipline-specific course syllabi can be found on Suffolk's Course Descriptions page.


College Application Process

Students applying to colleges other than Suffolk are advised to:

  • Indicate on the college application that coursework has been taken at another college.

  • Once the decision is made, send an official Suffolk academic transcript to his or her attending college.

  • Save all Suffolk course syllabi from their professors as often times students are asked to share them with their attending college, as corroboration and collaboration of course transferability.

  • If a college has questions regarding Suffolk's courses the student has taken through the Early College Program, the student should present a portfolio containing the course syllabus and the student’s written work (completed assignments and exams) to the respective academic department with the request that the portfolio be evaluated on an individual basis. The College discipline-specific course syllabi may be found on Suffolk's Course Descriptions page.

Students applying to Suffolk are advised to:

  • Complete a Suffolk Admissions Application, as a matriculated student.

  • Bring their Suffolk ID# or a copy of their Suffolk academic transcript when meeting at the college to discuss advisement and scheduling; and inform the admissions counselor that courses were completed through the Early College Program.

  • Alert the admissions counselor that Suffolk's Computerized Placement Test (CPT) was taken as part of the Early College admissions process.

  • Course credit cannot be awarded until the actual grade is posted. Should scheduling occur prior to posting, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with counseling to adjust/revise their schedule after all appropriate grade(s) are posted.