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Getting Started

Enrollment Process-New Student Orientation

Participating high schools have Early College Program informational brochures and enrollment applications containing the necessary information to take advantage of this opportunity. This organized program and partnership with each school district is explained with the enrollment process completed at the high school. Only accurate and complete applications submitted through the high school guidance counselor can be processed for eligibility and enrollment.

  1. An Early College Program informational session for interested high school sophomores and juniors with their parents/guardians is held in the fall semester at the College.
  2. Interested students are recommended to Suffolk’s Early College Program liaison through their participating high school guidance counselor.
  3. Students complete, sign and submit (included on the side link):
    • Early College Program Enrollment Application
    • Early College Program Agreement
    • Signed FERPA Release Statement/Form
    • Certificate of Immunization and Health History and the Meningitis Acknowledgement Form
    • Early College Program Course Registration Form
    • An approximate 500-word essay, “Why I Want to Be in the Early College Program”
  4. High school transcripts and required letters of recommendation are submitted by the high school on behalf of the student.
  5. Once completed enrollment information is on file in Suffolk’s Early College Program office, eligible student applicants are invited to tour the campus and take Suffolk’s computerized placement test (CPT).
  6. Students are notified of their acceptance into the Early College Program by the campus Early College Program liaison. An on-campus New Student Orientation takes place for incoming students and their parents/guardians.  There is also a Virtual New Student Orientation.
  7. Student progress will be monitored jointly through communication between the college professors, campus Early College Program liaisons and high school personnel.
  8. Students meet with their high school counselor or with the Early College Program liaison for course selection and the process in moving forward.
  9. Students must complete the aforementioned process prior to being eligible to take courses through Suffolk’s Early College Program.
  10. All program enrollment, course registration, withdrawals, drops, and adds MUST go through the Early College Program Campus Liaison.  Students may not go directly to the Campus Registrar Office for services without a signature from the ECP Campus Liaison.
  11. Students who have an IEP or 504 plan in high school, or require disability accommodations, should alert the College ECP counselor and contact the appropriate campus specific Disabilities Services Office:

         Ammerman: (631) 451-4045

         Michael J. Grant: (631) 851-6355

         Eastern: (631) 548-2527

Refund Policy

Please take note of the timeline, policies and due dates as course registration and tuition payments are binding and non-refundable as per College Refund Policy.

Registration Process

Students must be enrolled and accepted into the program prior to registering for courses through The Early College Program [ECP]. Early College Program liaisons or high school counselors should be consulted with to see which courses are being offered through the program at the college for the upcoming semester.  Please be advised that students are not eligible to enroll in online courses or non-college credit bearing courses through the Early College Program. 

Subject to availability, eligible students may enroll in college courses up two weeks prior to the start of classes for that semester.  Students may earn up to 7 credits each semester.  Changes in Early College Program course selection can only be made prior to the first day of that semester.  Courses offered through Suffolk's Early College Program may not be added once the offering semester begins, even if the course has not yet met.  Please note College Refund Policy in the event of course drops after the start of classes.

Students should consider any college level courses that they have either taken or plan on taking when selecting additional college courses. It is the student’s responsibility to discuss college level course taken in high school with their high school counselor or Suffolk’s ECP counselor/liaison prior to the registration of courses through Suffolk’s Early College Program.

To confirm registration, students should print out a copy of their schedule. After payment of their tuition bill (either at any campus cashier office or online on the student portal), students should print the proof of payment receipt to obtain their college I.D. card. Students must have their college I.D. card with them at all times while on campus.

Last day for best selection to enroll in a course offered through the Early College Program:

Spring 2020 semester: Monday, November 4, 2019
Summer 2020 session II: Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Fall 2020 semester: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Official Suffolk academic transcripts are generally available one week after the semester has ended. If transcripts are ordered prior to this date, please make sure to check the box “Hold for final grades/graduation” on the transcript request form.

Tuition Benefits

Affordable, reduced tuition.

Tuition is dependent upon the number of college credits the course is assigned. 

In an effort to encourage high school students to participate in this exciting program, Suffolk County Community College offers a tuition rate of approximately one-third of the in-county tuition rate per credit hour of campus-based courses at Suffolk, with minimal added course fees, allowing affordability and accessibility for more high school students to get a jump start on their college education.  Students are responsible to purchase requisite course textbooks/learning resources which may vary depending upon the course, and can cost approximately $50- $100/course (costs are posted on the course schedule).  Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $57/college credit plus minimum course related and college fees and course learning resources.

A typical three-credit, on-campus Suffolk course may cost part time students approximately $684 plus additional college fees. The same course offered through the Early College Program will cost the student $171 plus minimal course related and college fees. Suffolk's Early College Program saves the student up to $513 for each three-credit course! 

Refund Policy

Courses taken through the Early College Program follow the College’s enrollment timeline, policies and due dates as tuition payments are binding and non-refundable in accordance with the College’s Key Enrollment Dates and Refund Policy.

Course Withdrawal Process

Enrollment in courses offered through the Early College Program is in accordance with state, SUNY and Suffolk County Community College policies. Once the Early College Program registration application and tuition payment is submitted, students are enrolled in the course.

Changes in Early College Program course selection can only be made prior to the first day of the semester, even if the class has not yet met.  Students may drop a course during the College drop-add period through the Early College Program campus liaison process.  Please note College Refund Policy. 

Students may withdraw from a course after the official add/drop period, via procedures below.  

Course Withdrawals after Official Drop/Add Period and before Designated Date on the College Academic Calendar:

The student contacts the campus ECP counselor for an ECP course withdrawal form. The completed ECP course withdrawal form with all requested signatures (HS counselor/designee, student, and parent/guardian) is submitted to the campus ECP counselor prior to the designated date on the College academic calendar.  Course drops are processed within one business day from complete submission.  This is the official course "drop" date.

Course Withdrawals after Official Drop/Add Period and after Designated Date on the College Academic Calendar:

The student contacts the campus ECP counselor for an ECP course withdrawal form.

The student then communicates with their professor, to seek assistance and offer an explanation, and if warranted, request approval to withdraw from the course and receive a grade of W. It is at the professor’s discretion, and within the course policy as to whether the withdrawal form is signed by the professor after the designated course withdrawal date. If the ECP course withdrawal form is signed by the professor, and subsequently by the HS counselor/designee, student, and parent/guardian, the completed ECP course withdrawal form should be submitted to the campus ECP counselor. Any student concerns should be immediately addressed through the student's HS guidance counselor, or College campus ECP counselor.

Last day to withdraw from a course offered through the Early College Program:

  • Summer 2019 Session II: Tuesday, July 23, 2019
  • Fall 2019 semester: Wednesday, October 23, 2019
  • Spring 2020 semester: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

There is no tuition refund after the college tuition refund policy deadlines as set by the College each semester and a grade of W is recorded on the student's academic transcript. Students should be aware of Financial Aid consequences if they attend Suffolk, and eligibility policy for students to continue in the Early College Program.

For students who plan to enroll full time [FT] at Suffolk and apply for financial aid [FA]; non-completion (withdrawals) of courses enrolled through the Early College Program may affect FA. Minimum standard is generally 50% of enrolled courses completed with a minimum 70% average.  For additional information on Maintaining Financial Aid Eligibility and scroll to Repeat Coursework.

Refund Policy

Please note the College’s Key Enrollment Dates and Refund Policy.