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What is a LEED Building?  LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is an internationally recognized green building certification system.

 Grant LRC

 Lindsay  Health and Sports Center

Learning Resource Center

Grant Campus

LEED Gold Designed

William J. Lindsay Life Sciences

Ammerman Campus

LEED Gold Designed

Health and Wellness Center

Eastern Campus

LEED Gold Designed

 Eastern LRC  Workforce           stem

Montaukett Learning Resource Center

Eastern Campus

LEED Gold Designed

Workforce Development Technology Center

Grant Campus

LEED Gold Certified

Renewable Energy and Stem Center

Grant Campus

Net Zero, LEED Platinum Design



STEM Green Roof

Advantages of Green Roofs:

HEAT ISLAND EFFECT is reduced by adding vegetation

FLOODING is prevented by vegetation absorbing rainfall

POLLUTANTS are absorbed by vegetation

Grant LRC Green Roof

Learning Resource Center Green Roof, Grant Campus


       Learning Resource Center                                                                  Renewable Energy & STEM Center                        

         Micheal J. Grant Campus                                                                   Micheal J. Grant Campus                                          


  • Installed internet-based building management system (BMS) for all major buildings
  • Installed Variable Speed Drives
  • Replaced motors with premium efficiency motors
  • Converted constant volume air distribution systems to variable volume systems
  • Installed occupancy control of lighting
  • Replaced boilers/chillers
  • Replaced HID lighting (indoor)
  • Installed vending machine controls
  • Installed demand controlled ventilation

Retrofit Energy Savings



High Efficiency Variable Refrigeration Flow Systems

  • Kreiling Hall, Ammerman Campus
  • Health and Wellnes Center, Eastern Campus
  • Riverhead Building, Ammerman Campus
  • Southampton Building, Ammerman Campus
VRF Rooftop Units