Emergency Preparedness

Suffolk County Community College’s primary responsibility is to provide a safe environment for our students, staff and visitors.  As such, the College has taken certain steps to provide this environment.  Among them are planning, prevention, preparation and response for a variety of situations that might arise.


The College recognizes the need for a comprehensive emergency management plan. The plan outlines actions and activities to facilitate such a management capability.  There is a link to the public portions of the plan on this site. The development of this plan is based on a realistic assessment of potential hazards that could affect our community, and an assessment of existing capabilities to respond to those situations.


To further the College’s efforts you will also find links to websites and information that might be useful in a variety of emergencies.  If you know what to do in a situation you are more than half way to ensuring the safety of yourself and others.  You are encouraged to visit this site often, as additional useful information will be posted as it becomes available.