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Note: You may be eligible for one or more of the grants.

Financial Aid

If you have received either a federal or state financial aid award letter (e.g., for TAP, PELL, SEOG, loans, etc.) and have available financial aid, you may choose to use part or all of it to pay your child care tuition and fees. This payment option can only be used if your financial aid is approved and award letters are submitted to the child care center in a timely manner.

Child Care Block Subsidy

Child Care Block Grant Subsidy is a federal program administered by the Department of Social Services that pays up to 95% of your child care tuition if your income qualifies. Two-parent families and single-parent families may apply. Your income (see chart below) must fall below the 200% income standard. You or your spouse can be working and you can be attending school. You must be enrolled full time (12 credits or more) in a program that will lead to a job at the time of graduation from Suffolk County Community College. You may use this grant for school or for employment outside of school. Please call (631) 853-3666 for an application. Public Assistance cases should call (631) 853-3632 or (631) 853-3642.

SUNY – Child Care Subsidy Grant

SUNY Child Care Subsidy Grant – usually will pay up to 95% and sometimes more of your child care costs if you fall under the 200% income standard (see chart below). The SUNY (State University of New York) grant is available to full and part-time students and there is no restriction as to your course of study. To receive this grant, you must use an on-campus child care center.

Family Size 200% State
 Income Standard 
100% State
 Income Standard 
2 $26,400 $13,200
3 $33,200 $16,600
4 $40,000 $20,000
5 $46,800 $23,400
6 $53,600 $26,800
7 $60,400 $23,400
8 $67,200 $33,600
 Each Additional
 Member, add:
$  6,800 $  3,400