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Child Care Application Procedure:

  1. New students – apply for admission to the college and complete the enrollment process.
  2. Continuing students – register for classes and finalize your class schedule for the upcoming semester.
  3. Complete the application package (available online, at the center, or by calling to request a copy), consisting of the following:
    1. Application for Admission
    2. Parent's Agreement
    3. Personal History of Child
    4. Child In Care Medical Statement (signed and filled out by your doctor)
      Note that the Department of Social Services requires that your child have a well visit at the doctor's office, and be caught up on all age-appropriate inoculations.
    5. Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP);
        Application Form (DOH-3688)
        Letter to Households (DOH-3673)
        Building for the Future
  4. Bring your completed application forms, child's birth certificate, student ID card, driver's license, and your class schedule (if available) to the center.
  5. Meet with the director to discuss child care tuition and fees, tuition assistance programs, scheduling requirements, and have all your questions answered. You will need to provide verification of your income if you are applying for any of the child care tuition assistance programs.
  6. Pay the non-refundable semester registration fee.

Please Note the Following:

  • Priority is given to children who are continuing at the center.
  • New applications are handled on a first come, first served basis after the continuing students have been accommodated.
  • Filing an application does not insure you a place at the center since openings are often limited, especially during peak hours and in the younger groups (i.e., infants and toddlers).
  • You will be notified by the director if your child's schedule has been accepted.