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Campus Programs and Off-Campus Trips

Each semester, many of the student organizations work with the coordinator of Multicultural Affairs, the Office of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development, and the appropriate student programming boards to plan a variety of campus programs and off-campus trips. Many of the campus-based programs are scheduled to coincide with nationally recognized dates. Examples of recent programs and trips are listed below. Please check the Calendar of Events for a current schedule.

Recent Trips and Additional Programs

  • Asian American Cultural Festival

  • Harlem Experience Trip to the Apollo Theatre

  • Museo Del Barrio

  • African American Burial Ground

  • Puerto Rican Day Parade

  • Multicultural Experience in Queens

  • African Market

  • International Indian and Pakistani Lunch Trip to New York City

  • The Minority to Majority Leadership Academy
    An organization specifically geared toward the Leadership development of students who are typically unengaged.

  • International Festival

  • African American Museum

  • National Black Theatre of Harlem

  • Caribbean Festival at Binghamton University

  • Schomburg Museum

  • African American History and Wax Museum in Harlem

  • Native American Powwow

  • Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty

  • The Black Male and Black Male Associates Network
    An organization specifically focused on the academic success of African American Males who in turn assist their peers.

Campus-Based Programs

  • Latin Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month September
    Latin Hispanic Heritage Awareness Month

  • Martin Luther King Day January
    Martin Luther King Day

  • Italian American Heritage Celebration October
    Italian American Heritage Celebration

  • Black History Month February
    Black History Month

  • Disability Awareness Month October
    Disability Awareness Month

  • National Woman's History Month March
    National Woman's History Month

  • Native American Month November
    Native American Month

  • Yom HaShoah-Holocaust Remembrance Day April
    Yom HaShoah-Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • Kwanzaa December

  • International Month April
    International Month

  • Holiday Celebrations December
    Holiday Celebrations