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Undocumented Students

For students who are “undocumented”, we welcome your interest in attending Suffolk County Community College. We are committed to assisting you with this exciting educational journey.

Affidavit of Intent to Legalize Immigration Status

For undocumented students who have graduated high school or earned a GED, you should submit the Affidavit of Intent to Legalize Immigration Status.

New York State enacted a law allowing non-residents and non-resident aliens to pay single tuition if they meet certain conditions.

If you have:

Attended an approved NYS high school for at least two years and graduated from an approved NYS high school or received a NYS General Equivalency Diploma after attending a NYS approved program


Have applied for attendance at an institution or educational unit of the State University of New York within five years of receiving a NYS high school diploma or GED.

If you are without lawful immigration status, you may qualify for single tuition.

In order for this reduction in tuition to be made, you must present a notarized copy of the Affidavit of Intent to Legalize Immigration Status stating that you have, or will as soon as possible, file an application to legalize your immigration status.

Once the document is notarized, please mail it to:

Suffolk County Community College
Central Admissions
533 College Rd.
Selden, NY 11784-2899