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Comprehensive Assessment Plan for Institutional Effectiveness (CAPIE)

Suffolk County Community College’s (Suffolk County Community College) Comprehensive Assessment Plan for Institutional Effectiveness (CAPIE) is grounded in the philosophy that sound assessment practices are fundamental to ensuring and valuing the College’s continued efforts to achieve its mission and vision. Sound and systematic institutional assessment practices facilitate communication and engage the College’s various constituencies in a dialog that supports and encourages continuous institutional improvement. The Comprehensive Assessment Plan for Institutional Effectiveness, therefore, draws on several collaborative processes designed to elicit the judgment of respected colleagues in assessing and improving the quality of academic programs as well as the administrative and educational support (AES) units.


The CAPIE is a systematic yet flexible plan designed to maintain a culture of assessment across the College in practical and measured stages. It is a plan that builds on assessment measures already in place, relying on integrated planning and collaboration of all constituent groups. While developed to provide direction, guidance, and a framework for institutional effectiveness and to ensure the continuous enhancement of the teaching and learning environment, the CAPIE was also developed to aid the College in effectively responding to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) standards on assessment, planning, and resource allocation.


Comprehensive Plan for Institutional Effectiveness - Summer 2021 Update