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The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OPIE) is proud to present the first of several public-facing dashboards available to the Suffolk County Community College community. The Historical Student Enrollment dashboard includes data from the previous 10 years. Users are able to view enrollment data for each semester—fall, winter, summer and spring—and disaggregate these data by gender, time status, degree, age, student type, Pell status, zip code, and campus. Unless otherwise noted, all data provided is unduplicated (one count per student record) and is as of census for the fall and spring semesters (October 15th and March 15th, respectively).


The Historical Student Enrollment dashboard consists of 10 data categories, and each category can be accessed by clicking on each individual tab. Once in the tab, users can click on the arrow (to the right) within each heading to further define the data. To make multiple selections (i.e., fall 2020 and fall 2021, etc.), users should click on the abovementioned arrow, hold the control key on the keyboard, and make their selections.

Have questions or would like to provide feedback?

Please contact Kaliah Greene, Interim Vice President of OPIE, at An OPIE colleague will respond to questions within 48 hours, and suggestions for refinement will be assessed and incorporated into the dashboard, if necessary, on a quarterly basis.


Historical Student Enrollment Dashboard