HEGIS Code: 5649, CIP Code - 24.0101

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: LAGE-AS

     This option is for students planning a career in scientific research, applied science or the teaching of science in schools and colleges. Upon successful completion of this program, graduates usually transfer as juniors to four-year colleges where they pursue the baccalaureate degree before proceeding to graduate school and professional study in their chosen field. Separate sequences are offered in geology as described below.

Admission Procedures and Requirements

Entering students must have a minimum high school average of 80 including three years of science and completion of high school mathematics sequence through Algebra2/Trig. or equivalent. Students already enrolled in college need MAT111. Students are admitted on a rolling basis, fall and spring, with most students who meet minimum standards admitted.

NOTE: Upper-level science courses are currently not offered at the Eastern Campus on a regular basis. Eastern Campus science students may be required to complete the upper-level science sequence at the Ammerman Campus.

FIRST SEMESTER: 16 credits Credits
CHE133: College Chemistry I 4
  LIB101: Introduction to College Research (Recommended)
or COL101: College Seminar
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
ESC101: Introduction to Geology 4
  Humanities Elective 3
  Physical Education 1

SECOND SEMESTER: 17 credits Credits
CHE134: College Chemistry II 4
  ENG102: Introduction to Literature 3
  HIS101: Western Civilization I
or HIS102: Western Civilization II
or HIS107: Modern World History
  Humanities Elective 3
  MAT141: Calculus with Analytical Geometry I 4

THIRD SEMESTER: 15 credits Credits
ESC102: Evolution of Earth and Life 4
  HIS103: Foundations of American History
or HIS104: Modern American History
or HIS118: Major World Cultures
or HIS119: The Far Eastern World
or HIS120: History of Religion
  MAT142: Calculus with Analytical Geometry II 4
PHY130 / 132: Physics I 4

FOURTH SEMESTER: 14-15 credits Credits
♦  Liberal Arts and Sciences Elective 3-4
  Social Science Elective 3
* Humanities Elective 3
PHY230 / 232: Physics II 4
  Physical Education 1


* SUNY-GER Foreign Language or The Arts recommended.
These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.
  NOTES: 1) Students planning to transfer to a SUNY four-year institution should check the SUNY General Education Requirements for selecting courses.
2) See Transfer Agreements for articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities.