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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Suffolk County Community College fosters the use of pioneering technology, such as generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), for improving the student learning experience, facilitating creative and collaborative work, and adhering to academic integrity, transparency, and rigor.

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides resources on this page for classroom faculty who are interested in discussing how generative AI will impact the teaching and learning experience now and in the future. 

Sample Syllabus Statements for Use of AI

Both faculty and students are actively exploring the uses and capabilities of generative AI tools. The integration of those tools into classroom settings is evolving rapidly. Recognizing that each class may have unique requirements, it is imperative for instructors to clearly communicate expectations to students regarding the use and misuse of generative AI tools and to do so explicitly in their syllabi (course outlines) and assignment instructions, ensuring alignment with course objectives and values (OpenAI, 2024).

The Center for Teaching and Learning has identified three sample statements for course outlines using three approaches: (1) allowing students to use generative AI tools; (2) allowing students to use generative AI based on specific circumstances; and (3) not allowing students to use generative AI tools. Faculty may choose to use this language in their syllabi (course outlines).

Please read and download the Sample Syllabus Statements for Generative AI Usage 2024.


OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT (Feb 12 version 3.5) [Large language model].

AI Community and Zoom Meetings

Join your colleagues in a discussion on Generative AI and gain insights on how to use this tool for teaching and learning. The community has a course site on Brightspace where participants can exchange ideas, experiences, and information about generative artificial intelligence in higher education. In the community, you may access research articles that give you a foundation on where to begin with this massive tool. Join the community and participate in ongoing monthly Zoom discussions with colleagues. Any faculty member may join.     
Email the facilitator: Robin Hill, PhD at 
Or register: 

Workshop Recordings

AI in Digital Arts is a video recording of a session that focused on what SCCC faculty members are doing to incorporate AI as a tool in digital media creation. Ralph Masullo, MFA, Assistant Chair of Communication and Visual Arts/ Assistant Professor of Photography at the Eastern Campus, together with faculty from the other campuses, discussed best practices and ethical applications of the technology. Facilitators: Robin Hill, PhD and Carol Hernandez, EdD.  

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