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This is my first semester. It makes me think that there are a lot of things that I haven’t experienced yet. However, I am discovering all the tools that are offered to me at SCCC. I would like to recognize that the library is an amazing place provided to all of us.

Martina Vissio from Argentina

1st semester Module 4.5

I am grateful to this university for giving us the opportunity to learn the language so that we can have more opportunities in this country.

Anyi Cerrato from Honduras

3rd semester Module 1.2

I belong because I learn with each class and I am making an effort to feel more comfortable here.

Richard Espinoza

1st semester Module 1.1

I do feel a sense of belonging here. From the first time I came here, everyone has been so helpful and kind. The class has been a safe place for me. It was and is still the only place where I do feel like I am part in my recent journey coming to the USA. Coming twice a week and seeing my classmates has become part of me that I truly appreciate.

Iandra De la Cruz Burgos from The Dominican Republic

2nd semester Module 4.5

I feel welcomed because the staff is helpful and kind.

Glenny Almonte de Marte from The Dominican Republic

1st semester Module 1.2

We live in similar situations here and most of them involving the fact that we are from other countries. It is good to come to class and see other people learning English and about the culture from the United States too. This way, I don’t feel lost. Being far from home can be lonely sometimes. This program keeps us connected

Maria Eugenia Marconi Mugnai from Brazil

1st semester Module 4.5

We all feel part of the Suffolk Community because we are all learning English.

Kulwinder Jaswal from India

3rd semester Module 3.4

I absolutely feel a sense of belonging as an ESL student since I started in the course. I’ve learned a lot because of the English classes that I am taking here. In fact, I got a promotion at my work where it is full English.

Omar Turcio from El Salvador

5th semester Module 4.5

I feel part of the student community. I have the same opportunities as other students. The teachers are attentive and they try to understand us as best as possible.

Aaron Estrada from Mexico

1st semester Module 1.2

I feel a sense of belonging because the ELL program is very inclusive.

Maria Fernanda Bernal from Colombia

2nd semester Module 4.5

Yes, I have the feeling of belonging as the professors are very kind and the rooms are comfortable. Also, I made friends in these two semesters. They give me support and I give to them too. The bond between students is strong and I call them “friends”. The end, the college has many useful tools to learn like the library, the virtual platform, and tutoring.

Marco Loja from Ecuador

2nd semester Module 4.5

I felt a sense of belonging here at SCCC when I contacted the ESL Department. The teachers and the counselors were delighted to help me out and gave me good advice. This made me feel welcomed.

Suphannida Saisawat from Thailand

1st semester Advanced Intensive English Class