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A student wishing to carry out a learning project that incorporates content and depth not available through regular course offerings may submit a proposal to do so through an independent study course. Application for independent study should be made in advance of the semester during which the course activi­ties will be carried out and must be made in consultation with a faculty member who will serve as instructor for the course. A proposal for independent study must include a rationale for the course, a statement of objectives to be achieved, and a description of activities to be carried out in order to achieve those objectives. Approval by the appropriate Associate Dean of Academic Affairs is required. Interested students are advised to consult the academic chair prior to preparing a proposal.

Independent study courses require, as a pre­requisite, matriculated status at Suffolk County Community College and six credit hours in the respective area of study with a grade of B or better.

All Independent Study courses are desig­nated 297 according to academic discipline.