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Beacon Program Highlights for High Schools Students

Suffolk County Community College Beacon Program is a concurrent enrollment program that provides high school junior and senior students the opportunity to take Suffolk's courses at their high school during their regular school hours, while simultaneously working toward high school graduation. The courses are taught by high school teachers who have been approved to teach the college courses at the high school.

With the assistance of their counselor, students may plan their future education by creating a “pathway” of high school courses offered through the Beacon Program, affording students the opportunity to jump start their college education and enhance their college admissions application. The program is designed to provide curricular opportunity and enhancement of the college experience, but not its replacement. Therefore, students may enroll in no more than 30 college credits earned through the Beacon Program.

Students sitting on benchesJump starting a student’s college career enhances their college admissions application and minimizes time required to complete a college degree; affording more time for internships, dual majors, minors and/or study abroad. Enrollment in a course offered through the Beacon Program generates an official college academic transcript for each student. The college credits earned can be applied towards a degree at Suffolk or can be transferred to many other colleges and universities. Acceptance of credits for college-level courses is determined by the receiving college or university. Beacon Program courses are offered at a special reduced tuition rate with no additional college fees applied.

Participation in Suffolk's Beacon Program affords a multitude of benefits to enrich the high school student’s academic experience; providing advanced-learning opportunities with an effective transition from high school to college learning. Students enrolled in courses offered through Suffolk's Beacon Program will experience, firsthand, the rigors of college-level expectations.  Interested students are encouraged to contact their high school administration for a selection of courses offered through the Beacon Program at their respective high school. Students must meet eligibility requirements, be currently enrolled in the approved course at time of registration, and be approved by their high school teacher for admission into the courses. Student enrollment applications are obtained at the students’ high schools during the registration period.

The decision to enroll in challenging college level courses and initiate a college transcript while still in high school is an important step. Use the links at the left to navigate the website and find answers to questions about Suffolk's Beacon Program.