In order to meet the directive from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to reduce workforce density, all campuses of Suffolk County Community College remain closed to all students and to the public. Please note that entry onto all campuses is restricted. College staff will continue to work remotely through April 5, 2020. We encourage you to contact the department or individual you wish to reach via email. Please visit the College Directory, accessible via the Quick Link menu on the College website homepage, in order to view College contact information. There may be a delay in our response time, but someone will get back to you. Students are reminded that Spring Break will end on March 29th and that remote instruction begins on Monday, March 30th. Please continue to check this website for updated information.

Suffolk County Community College encourages students to participate in the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and services which directly impact the student body. In order to accomplish this while also meeting the unique needs of each campus, a multi-level system of representation and access to administration and policy making bodies has been created. In addition, students on all three campuses are represented on the board of trustees through the student trustee.

Governance opportunities are available on each campus.  For more information see the page listings on the left menu.

Online elections are held each spring. Any vacancies are filled in the fall.

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