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Student Government - Eastern Campus

The Student Government is concerned with the development, welfare and governance of all students, student organizations and student groups at the Eastern Campus. The purposes of the Student Government are:

  • to provide the means whereby students may express themselves collectively in the governance of the campus and the college
  • to provide the vehicle for communication between the student body and the campus and college faculty and staff
  • to take leadership in the development, promotion and coordination of campus activities
  • to offer students the opportunity to develop their personal skills in leadership and group management

The Student Government on the Eastern Campus consists of an operating board of four officers (president, vice president for government affairs, vice president for programming, treasurer) and an unlimited number of general board members. Officers are elected during the spring term each year. Any vacancies are filled in the fall. Voting board membership is based on attendance at the first three meetings each semester. Any student in good academic and disciplinary standing may become a member of Student Government.