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The Suffolk Community College Association, Inc., is a non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is to promote co-curricular programs and services which directly benefit the students of Suffolk County Community College. Financial support for these programs and services comes from the College Fee, which is paid each semester by all students attending classes on one of Suffolk's three campuses.  


In general, the SCC Association promotes, supports, and enhances programs and services which are educational, cultural, recreational, and/or social in nature. Specific examples of how these funds are spent include:

  • student organizations
  • speakers
  • theatre productions
  • intercollegiate athletics
  • musical performances
  • trips
  • campus newspapers
  • literary magazines
  • entertainment
  • child care
  • recreational sports and intramurals


The SCC Association is governed by a board of directors consisting of ten members, five appointed by the Suffolk County Legislature, four appointed by the Governor of New York, and a student trustee elected each year by the student body on all three campuses. The board of directors has the power and authority to manage, control, and direct the business affairs and activities of the SCC Association.

Each campus has an Association Advisory Committee which makes recommendations regarding policies, programs, and the allocation of funds to various campus departments and organizations. These committees are chaired by the campus dean of student services and include both student and faculty representatives from the departments and organizations which receive SCC Association funds, specifically Campus Activities, Publications, Athletics, Theatre, and Child Care. The recommendations are then reviewed and approved by the campus dean, College Dean of Students, and president before they are submitted to the board of directors for final approval. Following final approval, all budgets, purchasing, payroll, and insurance matters are coordinated through the Association Business Office.

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