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Please indicate the information you would like to have included in your certification letter. If you are requesting specific academic and/or course information, you should submit a transcript request form instead so that we may send your official transcript.

Please note: Enrollment certifications will not be forwarded until after the start of classes. However, a pre-certification letter may be sent upon payment of your schedule. This will only certify that you are registered; not enrolled. Please contact your insurance company regarding their policy on pre-certification letters. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

To request enrollment certification, please fill out the form below OR download and complete the Enrollment Certification Request Form.
Note: When completing the fillable form, save the form to your documents or desktop and then attach to your email.

Your Information

Certification Request

The following information should be included in the certification letter (check all that apply):

Recipient Information

This is where you are requesting the Certification to be sent. Please include complete name, telephone number and email address.

Student Agreement

I agree, and it is my intent, to sign this request for Enrollment Certification by clicking “I agree” below and by electronically submitting this request for Enrollment Certification to Suffolk County Community College. I understand that my signing and submitting this request form in this fashion is the legal equivalent of having placed my handwritten signature on the submitted request for Enrollment Certification. I understand and agree that by electronically signing and submitting this request form in this fashion, I am certifying the truth of the information contained in my request.