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SUNY Suffolk is welcoming students back this fall with more on-campus classes.

For the Fall 2021 semester, SUNY Suffolk is offering classes in a variety of instructional delivery methods to meet student needs. Here is a brief explanation of how each modality works:

Online—instruction is provided by the professor through Blackboard, the College’s online learning management system. Students interact with faculty and complete assignments working on their own time, while adhering to course deadlines.

Real-Time Online—recreates a classroom experience with your instructor and other class members coming together for live virtual instruction at regularly scheduled days and times.

Combined Online—50% Online and 50% Real-Time Online meeting times with your instructor.

Blended—partly on campus and partly Online or Real-Time Online, used mostly for labs and performance courses.

Face-to-face classes.

You are encouraged to continue to monitor this website for updates.