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Students who wish to withdraw from the College or change their status from full time to part time must complete the Course Withdrawal form. All financial aid recipients are encouraged to contact their campus Financial Aid office to discuss any potential impacts of enrollment changes on their financial aid eligibility.

Students earn their federal financial aid throughout their period of enrollment.  Federal financial aid, including loans, is recalculated for students who withdraw from all courses before the sixty (60) percent point of the semester.  For example, a student who attends for only thirty (30) percent of a semester is entitled to only thirty (30) percent of the aid and/or loans awarded.  If a faculty member reports that a student did not attend their class(es) federal financial aid is withdrawn for those courses.

A student who does not complete at least one course (grade of A, B, C, D, F, S, or U), the student is considered an unofficial withdrawal for Title IV aid purposes.  SCCC will use the last date of attendance reported by the faculty; if no last date of attendance is reported, the mid-point of the semester is used as the withdrawal date.  As this often results in a balance, the students are notified by USPS and sent a revised bill.