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Suffolk County Community College Logo   Primary College Logo

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Logo Identity

The Suffolk County Community College logo was designed to create a visual representation of the College’s identity.

As the trademark for the College, it is of utmost importance that the logo be used consistently when applied to any internal or external communication. The College logo is a representation of the College brand and it exists in the minds of community members as the iconic representation of the school.


Requests for Department Logos

In most cases, the Suffolk logo is the official mark of the College and should be used to represent College departments and programs.

However, in some instances a program or department may require an additional logo to help distinguish their own identity. On such occasions, the department must obtain approval from the Office of Institutional Advancement.


Approved Logo Usage

With regard to logo usage outside of the College, permission must be secured any time an individual, entity or organization requests the use of the official College logo. The College has secured all rights and trademarks for the use of the logo.


Colors and Typestyle

The Suffolk County Community College logo consists of three elements:

  1. The word "Suffolk" in upper- and lower-case print with a lighthouse representing the letter "l" on one line.
  2. The words "COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE" in uppercase beneath "Suffolk."
  3. A thin horizontal rule beneath each line.

The distinctive design of the lighthouse, with beams pointing left toward the "S" in Suffolk, should not be altered in any way without permission of the Office of Institutional Advancement.

The font for the word "Suffolk" is Goudy Bold. The font for the words County Community College is ITC Giovanni. These fonts should not be changed.

The College logos all use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to maintain consistent colors throughout all print applications. The color designations for Suffolk's full-color logo are PMS Reflex Blue, PMS 124 (gold) and black.

Suffolk County Community College Blue Logo Suffolk County Community College B/W Logo Suffolk County Community College Blue Logo

The logo can also be used in one color in either black or reflex blue. It can also be reversed (knocked-out white) on a black or reflex blue background.

The College logo cannot be changed or altered in any way. When printing the logo in one color, use Reflex Blue, if available. If blue is not available, the logo should be printed in black when printing on light backgrounds.

The logo often appears in one color on materials printed in-house (i.e., the College Print Shop). These materials include may such items as College stationery, one-color brochures, flyers, postcards, and classroom materials. Items that are produced externally by commercial printers use either the one or three-color logo.

The size of the logo is also important. The logo may not appear smaller than 1 inch on any printed materials. In addition, other than supporting the logo with the College website address or campus locations, the logo should always have a minimum of 1/4 inch of space around it. The logo should not be stretched, condensed or distorted in any way. It logo should appear prominently on all media that represent Suffolk County Community College to the external community. Examples include advertisements, flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc.


Primary Brand Color

PANTONE Reflex Blue C

View on Pantone Website

Suffolk County Community College Primary Color: Pantone Reflex Blue #001489
0 20 137
HEX/HTML #001489
CMYK 100 87 0 20


Lighthouse Seal

Suffolk County Community College Lighthouse Seal
The Suffolk County Community College lighthouse seal was designed as a visual mark in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the institution. It is used sparingly and only with permission of the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Office of the President.






Suffolk Primary Athletics Logo


Suffolk County Community College Athletics Logo
The primary athletic logo, shown to the right, consists of the Suffolk "shark and lighthouse." The primary typeface is Compacta and has been customized for the logo. It includes PMS Reflex Blue, PMS Blue 2768, PMS Gold 871 and black. It is for official Athletic Department use only. No other departments, organizations or clubs may use this logo without permission of the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Athletic Department.



Ancillary Athletics Sharks Marks

As part of a comprehensive Sharks identity kit, there are ancillary Sharks marks that can be used with the permission of the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Athletic Department.

Head mark Head Mark
Letter mark Letter Mark
 Visual mark  Visual Mark
Word mark  Word Mark

Departmental/Office Names with Logo

Suffolk County Community College Logo

In order to create brand consistency and reinforce the equity of the Suffolk County Community College logo, the use and/or creation of unique departmental or office logos is prohibited. In some cases, and with the permission of the Office of Institutional Advancement, departments/offices with a major external presence and a mission distinct from the academic mission of the institution, may be able to add a signifier below the institutional logo. In these approved cases, the title of the office or department should be used with Helvetica Neue Standard Condensed typeface.