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Map of Ammerman Campus Poetry Walk

What is a poetry walk?

A poetry walk is a unique way to experience poetry, movement, and nature together. This walk is specifically designed to enhance the experience of exploring the Ammerman Campus, while celebrating the creativity of our students and faculty. Engaging with art is also an opportunity to mindfully connect with the present by noticing and appreciating whatever thoughts and feelings arise. Poetry is one of the greatest mediums for promoting reflection and a greater connection to our inner and outer worlds.


About the Suffolk County Community College Poetry Walk

The poetry walk is an exciting initiative that emerged from the Ammerman Campus Community Through Creativity Committee. The committee’s mission is to promote development, collaboration, implementation, and engagement with, creative campus projects. Experiences like this poetry walk are a vital part of a healthy campus community. They help foster connection, a sense of belonging, and inspiration.

The Ammerman Campus Poetry Walk will take you on a one mile paved walk around our beautiful campus. Selected poems are accessed at ten stations by scanning a QR code with your mobile device. Scan the poem, read it at your own pace, and then walk to the next station. You don’t need to start at station #1.


The Poetry Walk launched on May 1, 2024, and is now a permanent installation on the Ammerman Campus. You can take the walk on your own at any time, or experience it as part of a class or group activity. The walk will be updated with new poetry periodically, so visit again for a new experience.


Questions about the poetry walk? Contact Leanne Warshauer