2018 NYSPT Scholarship Recipient Profiles

Spring 2018 Recipients

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis – Ammerman Campus

Vaughn College - Mechatronics Engineering
From racing sailboats in Sag Harbor to biking unassisted across the country when he was 15, Ryan is a man of many interests. He has experience restoring vintage Ferraris, blacksmithing, fabricating interior lighting, and drone programming, and is a true student - spending hours studying and perfecting the smallest detail of whatever foray he is currently pursuing.

Plans for after College?
“I plan on working at NASA, Boston Dynamics, or the like, while running my own precision manufacturing business on the side.”


Fall 2018 Recipients

Claude Cajuste

Claude Cajuste – Michael J. Grant Campus

Nyack College - Nursing
Claude is a caring individual who has a passion for making sure the field of nursing is diverse and wants to set an example for future nurses coming from various backgrounds. He intends to get his B.S. in Nursing from Nyack, and with his enthusiastic, positive mentality, may even go back to school to teach nursing.

Who/what inspires you?
"Children inspire me; I want to be a role model and an inspiration to the children that think they can’t do something."

 Christina Lucana-Canela

Christina Lucana-Canela – Ammerman Campus

Maritime College - Electrical Engineering
Christina was the Secretary of the Technology Club at SCCC, where she took great pride in sharing her passion for the fields of science and technology with others. She continues to be a positive and motivating role model to those around her - especially her young son.

Why did you choose Electrical Engineering as your major?
"It embodies all of my favorite subjects of study: science, mathematics, and art. I feel engineering in general has played a great role in the development of civilization and will continue to have a grand role in our future."

Luis Monterroso

Luis Monterroso – Ammerman Campus

Medaille College - Biology
Luis’ deep care and connection with animals is leading him to seek a career at a veterinary hospital as a lead emergency doctor and specializing in either cardiology or neurology.

Who/what inspires you?
“Leonardo De Vinci is my favorite person in history because of his amazing mind… [He] shows me that we are not meant to do one thing; we are capable of so many things and we can pursue them if we want.”

 Katelyn O'Brien

Katelyn O'Brien – Ammerman Campus

Pace University - International Marketing
Katelyn is fascinated by the field of Marketing and Advertising and is looking forward to learning more about how methods in business adapt based on consumer behavior and needs.

Describe your time at Suffolk County Community College.
"My time at Suffolk Community College has been an experience that has afforded me more opportunities than I ever anticipated. When I first began my journey here, I had no idea that I would soon find some of my greatest inspirations and motivators in my academic mentors, and my peers."

Vincent Prisco

Vincent Prisco – Ammerman Campus

Vaughn College - Aeronautical Science
After receiving an introductory flight lesson for his birthday, Vincent knew that becoming a pilot was what he wanted to do. Vincent took the first step and applied to SCCC, and with confidence growing every semester, he knew he was where he needed to be. “I found those professors that change learning, classes no longer felt like lectures, but rather discussions.”

Describe yourself in two sentences or less.
"I am someone who is mature, candid, and who has integrity. Every day I work to improve myself and my skills which is part of maturing and becoming better at what I do."

Mikela Ryan

Mikela Ryan – Eastern Campus

Alfred University - Computer Art
As an artist who has had her work displayed and sold in galleries, Mikela has had her artwork featured here at SCCC’s Lyceum Gallery on the Eastern Campus. Mikela is a future animator, and hopes to work on large-scale projects that will have positive impacts on those who view them.

How has winning a NYSPS affected you?
"The NYSPS allows me to visit a new place and meet new people who will be a part of my future."

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