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To serve and protect the college community by providing and creating a safe environment within our capabilities contributing to the overall Suffolk County Community College mission. We are committed to the educational process and overall well-being of all individuals interacting with our college and department.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1: Deliver safety services to the campus community in order to support an optimal teaching and learning environment.

Maintains software systems vital to the safety of the college (Support Outcome) 
Initiates and refers case reports for behavior management (Support Outcome)
Develop and deliver prevention and first response training (Learning Outcome)
Respond and management campus safety concerns (Support Outcome)

Goal 2: Manage risk in order to avoid accidents and death

Sustain institutional compliance with Federal, State and local regulations to avoid litigation and fines (Support Outcome) 
Actively minimizes and manages risk (Support Outcome)

Goal 3: Continuous review of emergency first response planning and manage declared disasters

Develop and withstand first response and disaster protocols (Support Outcome)
Coordinate post disaster response and recovery (Support Outcome)  

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan 
2015-2016 Assessment Plan
2016-2017 Unit Review 
2017-2018 Assessment Plan

2018-2019 Assessment Plan