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Suffolk County Community College P-12 Partnerships support the teaching and learning process of Long Island's P-12 schools. Committed to student success for all, programs foster collaboration across faculties, serves as a resource on college readiness, and facilitates student transition into college.

Goals and Outcomes


Goal: Collaboration: Provide opportunities for faculties from P-12 and Suffolk.



Share teaching/learning strategies among P-12 and community college faculty in English and Mathematics.Apply rubrics to assess student coursework in English, in order to norm student learning outcomes.Share Suffolk's instructional platforms for teacher development.


Goal: College Readiness: Communicate Suffolk's college readiness policies and procedures with P-12 administration and/or teachers.




Share and provide explanations of school district data on developmental placement.
Provide information and resources on college placement exam.
Share placement qualifications, processes and procedures.

Goal: Student Transition: Provide educational opportunities and college admissions information to ensure a successful and smooth transition from high school to college.




Explore and provide alternative opportunities for students to experience college other than the Excelsior Program or the Early College Program.
Offer targeted summer courses/programs to assist student's transition to college.

2014-2015 Assessment Plan 
2017-2018 Assessment Plan

2018-2019 Assessment Plan