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The Division of Student Affairs promotes learning through quality programs and services that empower individuals to realize their educational goals in accordance with the mission of the college.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal: Financial aid will educate current students, prospective students and the community on how to finance their college education.

Improve student financial literacy. (SLO) 
Increase the number of students who successfully manage their financial aid application. (SLO)
Support students, prospective students and community through financial aid outreach. (SO)

Goal: Financial aid will provide accurate, complete and timely information through outstanding service.

Provide problem resolutions through various forms of communication.  (SO)

Goal: Financial aid will ensure compliance with federal, state and institutional rules, regulations, policies and procedures.               

Provide effective ongoing training for staff. (SO)
Maintain accurate information to support compliance. (SO)
Assessment of the students’ knowledge. (SLO) 
Assessment of the support process, procedure, policy or action. (SO)

2013-2014 Assessment Plan
2014-2015 Assessment Plan
2015-2016 Assessment Plan Default Rates
2015-2016 Assessment Plan FAFSA  
2016-2017 Assessment Plan
2017-2018 Assessment Plan Excelsior 
2017-2018 Assessment Plan Counseling

2018-2019 Assessment Plan Excelsior