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The mission of Academic Computing Center is to provide outstanding facilities and technological resources to support the curricula taught across Suffolk County Community College. Staff assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence, so that students can develop skills in information management that are required to meet the challenges of a highly technological world.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1:
The ETU ensures student access to technological resource.


  1. ETU effectively assists, mediates and remedies technology issues
  2. ETU ensures the availability of necessary technological resources

Goal 2:
To support faculty to ensure the effective delivery of technology in the classroom


  1. Provide necessary training for full time and adjunct faculty
  2. Support the classroom labs by planning, implementing, maintaining and updating them. [Effectively manage the lifecycle of the classroom technology]

Goal 3:
To support technological infrastructure of the college


  1. Effectively manage and staff the academic computing centers
  2. Effectively support academic skills centers
  3. Effectively and efficiently support internal, community and external events at the college
  4. Provide research and procurement of emerging technologies to stakeholders at the college
  5. Suggest, promote and support technology innovation and ideation across the enterprise
  6. Effectively authenticate all users on the network to ensure compliance with SUNY and federal mandates

Annual Assessments

2014 - 2015 Annual Assessment
2015 - 2016 Annual Assessment 
2016 - 2017 Annual Assessment 
2017 - 2018 Annual Assessment