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Suffolk County Community College Early College Program (ECP) provides motivated high school students a challenging academic opportunity by taking college courses on the College campus. Students earn affordable college credits, explore career interests, and supplement their transcripts by taking courses not available in their local high schools. The program provides a supportive environment with communication between the college, school districts, and parents to ensure student success.

Goals and Outcomes

The ECP will establish partnerships with surrounding school districts to facilitate the inclusion of their students in the program.

In order to achieve this goal, ECP Administration will provide outreach to interested districts to explain the benefits of the program. 
In order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of responsibilities, ECP Administration will prepare and have signed memorandum of Understanding with partner districts. 
In order to provide a clear explanation of our program to potential students, ECP counselors will periodically review and revise promotional material.

Goal: The College will offer cohorts of qualified students from partner districts the opportunity to earn transferable college credits on the Suffolk County Community College campuses.

The college will ascertain which students are qualified by offering group Accuplacer testing.
The college will employ a mutually agreeable scheduling model to offer students appropriate courses.
The ECP counselors will work with academic departments and the registrar to facilitate scheduling into selected sections of courses.

Goal: The College will provide support within its educational setting for ECP students.

An orientation will be held for all new students and their parents that will include campus tours and the opportunity to meet faculty or a current Suffolk County Community College student.
ECP counselors will communicate regularly with students and parents regarding such issues as: the College calendar, tuition payments, support services, the College e-mail system, the importance of establishing contact with professors, the selection of future courses. invitation to some campus events, and necessary schedule adjustments.

Goal: The ECP will provide channels of communication among the stakeholders.

ECP counselors will meet with district personnel about issues related to scheduling and student progress.
ECP counselors will communicate identified
ECP students to professors and request assistance in monitoring their academic progress.
ECP counselors will maintain regular contact with parents of ECP students by responding to inquiries and encouraging high school guidance personnel to keep parents updated.

The ECP will facilitate student transition to full-time status as a Suffolk County Community College student.

The ECP will afford students an opportunity to earn up to 24-credits providing advanced standing as a full-time student.
ECP counselors will use the established channels of communication to introduce students to College programs and opportunities including the Honors Program and scholarship opportunities.
ECP counselors, by making known student support services, will provide focus on issues related to student success such as campus involvement, retention, and graduation.

2017-2018 Assessment Plan 
2018-2019 Assessment Plan 
2019-2020 Assessment Plan