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The Suffolk Community College Foundation's mission is to support student scholarships, student emergency loans and program development, with the goal of providing students and potential student’s access to a quality education and vocational skill training. This serves to enhance the well-being of our student body, alumni, faculty, college and community by providing scholarships and establishing various social, athletic, cultural, economic and fund-raising events. Additionally, the Foundation engages with alumni to help strengthen their connection to the College in support of foundation events, philanthropic commitment, student mentorship and internship opportunities.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Goal:
    Improve access to and affordability of higher education to students at Suffolk County Community College.
    • Outcomes:
      Increase the number of scholarships available and awarded to student through a target development approach.
      Increase total net dollars (Annual Campaign, Major Gifts and Event revenue) raised by the foundation year over year.

  • Goal:
    Develop and implement an action plan for solicitation of grant proposals by the foundation.
    • Outcomes:
      Increase the number of requests for grant funding to support educational programs and services at Suffolk County Community College.
      Detail the impact of grants awarded to the foundation on programs and students.

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2015-2016 Assessment Plan