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The Division of Student Affairs promotes learning through quality programs and services that empower individuals to realize their educational goals in accordance with the mission of the college. 

Goals and Outcomes

Goal: Student advisement develops mentoring relationships with students to explain academic information, guide students to appropriate resources and enhance student self-sufficiency and understanding of collegiate expectations.

Engage in meaningful conversations that encourage intentional dialogue resulting in self-advocacy.
Through various interactive models students gain knowledge of academic information and resources.

Goal: Through direct and indirect services, provide students with mental health support to encourage their success and goal attainment.

Increase awareness of mental health services across the college.
Enhance educational programming and faculty consultations regarding mental health services to the college community.
Support student growth through individual counseling, crisis intervention and support groups for mental health services.

Goal: To facilitate and support the college community to successfully transfer to other institutions.

Ensure, through individual counseling appointments, students are informed and prepared to transfer.
Enhance student awareness of transfer options through transfer programs and services.

Goal: Through participation in the new student advisement process, inclusive of testing and placement, students will receive information about placement testing, college resources and their educational plan in order to successfully begin their college career.

Deliver a student advisement process that provides resources and referrals to support individual student success.
Communicate testing and advisement information with both students and relevant college departments to ensure a successful enrollment and registration process.
Students will comprehend the purpose, scope and ways to prepare for the college placement test.
Students will identify the courses necessary to fulfill their education plan
Students will have awareness of college resources including student services, academic learning centers and available technologies

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan 

 Mental Health Services

New Student Advising

Continuing Student Advising 

 Transfer Student Advising

2015-2016 Assessment Plan Mental Health Services 

2015-2016 Assessment Plan Testing and Advising 

  2015-2016 Assessment Plan Transfer Services

2016-2017 Assessment Plan Mental Health Services

2016-2017 Assessment Plan Testing and Advising Retest  
2016-2017 Assessment Plan Testing and Advising Study Materials
  2016-2017 Assessment Plan Transfer Outreach
2016-2017 Assessment Plan Transfer - Position Your Transition 

2017-2018 Assessment Plan Mental Health Services

2017-2018 Assessment Plan Testing and Advising 
2017-2018 Assessment Plan Testing and Advising  Study Materials

 2017-2018 Assessment Plan Counseling Services

2017-2018 Assessment Plan Transfer Counseling  
2017-2018 Assessment Plan Transfer Outreach 
2017-2018 Assessment Plan Transfer Outreach Webpage
2018-2019 Assessment Plan Mental Health Services 2018-2019 Testing and Advising Information Assessment 
2018-2019 Testing and Advising Retest
2018 2019 Testing and Advising Study Materials 
  2018-2019 Transfer Counseling Appointments
2018-2019 Transfer Counseling Outreach