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The Office of Continuing Education provides lifelong learning opportunities for the community at-large at accessible locations and times. These short-term offerings include remedial courses, programs for career changers, personal and cultural enrichment and professional development.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Goal:
    As part of the strategic plan for the Office of Academic and Student Affairs, the OCE's goal is to promote the social and economic development of the community we serve through a robust series of self-sustaining public offerings; specialized programs that meet the needs of our business partners; and grant-funded programs that are aligned with the Suffolk County Community College mission. As science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are critical to the economic vibrancy of Long Island, many programs target these areas. Similarly, emerging STEM needs are identified, courses and programs are developed and offered.
    • Outcomes:
      Build new STEM partnerships.

      Implement programs to address employment skills gaps.

      Provide for enhanced community enrichment through increased participation in social and cultural events, initiatives, and activities conducted by the College or in partnership with external stakeholders.

      Contribute to the expansion of partnerships with local high schools, school districts, and other higher education institutions to ensure successful and smooth transitions from high school to college.

      Reduce social, geographic, and time barriers to academic success through the ease and convenience of delivery of services.

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2014 Action Plan Follow Up 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan 
2015-2016 Assessment Plan
2016-2017 Assessment Plan 
2017-2018 Assessment Plan 
2018-2019 Assessment Plan 
2019-2020 Assessment Plan