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Suffolk County Community College Beacon Program provides high school students the opportunity to earn college credit by means of a high quality experience in the high school comparable to that of the college classroom.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal: Provide Suffolk County high school students access to a college education while simultaneously enrolled in high school.

Expand the number of partnerships with Suffolk County school districts.
Increase the number of courses offered to current partnerships. Increase student access to existing courses offered through the Beacon Program.
Expand the number of Suffolk County Community College cooperating academic departments that offer courses through the Excelsior Program.

Goal: Ensure that participating high school students receive an off-campus educational course experience comparable to that of the coordinating on-campus college course.

Ensure congruence of curriculum learning objectives and outcomes between course sections offered through the Beacon Program and Suffolk County Community College campus-based course sections.
Ensure that the program is in compliance with the comprehensive policies and procedures for Suffolk County Community College and high school partners through collaboration with College constituents and communication to potential high school partners.
Ensure an effective liaison relationship between high school teachers and College departmental faculty liaisons through orientation and follow up support.

Goal: Optimize student educational opportunities by developing and maintaining systems to ensure the generation of an academic transcript (portability of credit).

Establish and communicate effective, streamlined procedures for Suffolk County Community College student enrollment.
Establish and communicate guidelines and procedures to ensure efficient student course grade delivery.
Institute student communication to access Suffolk County Community College transcript.

2017-2018 Assessment Plan 
2018-2019 Assessment Plan 
2019-2020 Assessment Plan