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The Division of Student Affairs promotes learning through quality programs and services that empower individuals to realize their educational goals in accordance with the mission of the college.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1:
Facilitate opportunities for students to participate in athletics through intramurals, clubs and intercollegiate programs.  

Students, involved in intercollegiate athletics, will demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship (learning outcome)
Facilitate the enrollment and advisement of student athletes to enhance student success (support outcome)
Efficiently manage intercollegiate athletic teams to ensure successful execution of each sports season (support outcome)
Increase opportunities for students to engage in athletic competition through college intramurals (support outcome)

Goal 2: 
Effectively manage the facilities and equipment necessary for students to safely participate in the athletic program.  

Collaborate with campus partners to ensure that facilitate schedules support student access and are properly maintained (support outcome)
Coordinate the use and maintenance of all equipment, vehicles and uniforms utilized to provide a safe athletic program (support outcome) 

Goal 3:
Ensure that Suffolk County Community College is in compliance will all athletic related rules and regulations.

Retain compliance will all National Junior College Athletic Association rules, regulations and policies (support outcome)
Support Suffolk County Community College compliance with all local, state and federal regulations regarding college athletics (support outcome)

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan 
2015-2016 Assessment Plan 
2016-2017 Assessment Plan