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The Division of Student Affairs promotes learning through quality programs and services that empower individuals to realize their educational goals in accordance with the mission of the college.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1:   Recruitment of new students to Suffolk County Community College from diverse populations.
In collaboration with Institutional Advancement, develop an outreach plan that ensures recruitment of a diverse student body.  (SO)
Foster relationships with prospective students to educate them on their potential major and career options. (SLO)
Develop community partnerships to educate them on the opportunities available to students who attend Suffolk County Community College. (SO)

Goal 2:  Provide an effective process for accepting students into restrictive and unrestricted majors.
Effectively communicate to students the status of their acceptance and the next steps in the enrollment process. (SO)
Educate students about career development through various pathways at Suffolk County Community College. (SLO)
Provide guidance to students to ensure their ability to complete the enrollment process. (SLO)

Goal 3:  Ensure effective policies and procedures to provide efficient admission to Suffolk County Community College.
Inclusive of technology review, revise and enhance, as necessary the process for instant admissions. (SO)
Ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations. (SO)

2013-2014 Assessment Plan 
2014-2015 Assessment Plan 
Admissions-Nursing Information Sessions 2015-16 
Admissions Open House 2015-16 
Admissions Unit Review 2016 
Admissions Application View 2016-17
Admissions Nursing Information Sessions 2016-17
Admissions Open House 2016-17 
Admissions International 2017-18 
Admissions International Student 2018-19 
Admissions Open House 2018-19