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Hegis Code - 5012, CIP Code - 50.0102

Program Learning OutcomesCurriculum Code: COAR-AAS

     Recent and rapid advances in computing have broadly expanded the opportunities for image-making in the visual arts. The Computer Art curriculum builds upon traditional studio skills developed in foundation drawing and design courses and branches into electronically-based media such as drawing, 3D modeling, animation, digital characters, digital video, and multimedia production. This curriculum prepares students for careers in computer-generated image-making art, information and entertainment fields, as well as for transfer into baccalaureate computer-based visual arts programs.

FIRST SEMESTER: 16 credits Credits
ART116: Adobe Photoshop 3
ART130: 2D Design 3
ART133: Drawing I 3
  ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3
GRD105: Digital Design College Seminar 1
  History Elective 3

SECOND SEMESTER: 17-18 credits Credits
ART115: Adobe Illustrator 3
ART120: Color Theory 3
  CST112: Introduction to Programming 4
  ENG102: Introduction to Literature 3
  Mathematics Elective 3-4
  Physical Education 1

THIRD SEMESTER: 16 credits Credits
ART112: Art History II
or ART113: Modern Art
ART125: 3D Modeling and Design 3
ART134: Drawing II 3
ART221: Digital Character Development 3
* COM101: Introduction to Human Communication
or COM105: Public Speaking
or HUM121: Developing Creative Imagination in the Arts
  Physical Education 1

FOURTH SEMESTER: 14 credits Credits
ART222: Computer Game Development 3
ART223: Intermediate 3D Modeling and Design 3
ART229: Computer Art Portfolio Assessment 1
  Laboratory Science Elective 4
  Social Sciences Elective 3


* COM101 or COM105 is recommended for students transferring to a four-year institution.
These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.