The Mission of the Corporate Training Center at Suffolk County Community College is to provide companies with cost effective training solutions that support their goals and objectives, fosters employee potential and growth and improves the overall well being of their business.

Success and growth in today's economy are dependent on an organizations ability to attract, hire and retain a highly skilled, motivated and flexible workforce. The Corporate Training Center partners with local business and industry to provide workforce training and development solutions, tailored to meet organizational goals. We work with client companies of all sizes to assess learning needs, discuss training options and determine the best training solutions to achieve their business objectives.

The College’s Corporate Training Center, located in the Sally Ann Slacke building on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood, offers a broad array of workforce and professional development training programs designed to meet the needs of the region's business and industry sectors. The courses offered range from soft skill programs, such as Customer Service Excellence, Supervisory Skills, and Business Writing through computer skill courses in Microsoft™ Office applications as well as other specialized software. These courses are designed to upgrade and improve the performance of current employees, while adding value to a company by improving their efficiency. The Corporate Training Center also offers special seminars and conferences focused on relevant topics of importance to the business community. Companies can benefit from doing business with the Corporate Training Center, in that they offer flexible delivery options and schedules as well as provide training programs tailored to a company’s specific needs. Businesses from many different market segments have participated in these cost-effective programs, including manufacturing, health care, communications and retail among many. More than 400 companies have received training through the Corporate Training Center at Suffolk County Community College through both contract training and grant-funded programs.


In addition to offering a number of cutting edge programs designed to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological and training needs of business and industry, the Corporate Training Center provides the ability for upfront consultation, which assures that course offerings will meet the unique needs of a specific company. This personalized approach assures satisfaction and tangible results for companies participating in their programs. In response to the needs of Long Island companies, the Corporate Training Center has met the challenge of providing cost effective, quality training through contract and grant-funded training programs.

Examples of such programs follow:

  • Computer Applications: training in areas such as Microsoft™ Office, including Word, Access, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint as well as other software programs such as AutoCAD, MS Project and Publisher.
  • Business Training: through contracts and grants, businesses can take advantage of a wide range of training courses to help improve their operations. Customer Service, Communications, Leadership, Time Management and Business Writing are only a few of the many courses offered.
  • Professional Development: owners of businesses have utilized the Corporate Training Center's services to improve the managerial and supervisory skills of their staff. It has also aided businesses in defining specific training programs for their employees and management personnel.
  • Specialized and Customized Skills Training: training courses may be customized based on client requirements. This customization allows for a more focused approach to training designed to address the unique needs, issues or problems faced by a company in today's business environment.