Beacon Program Course Withdrawal

Student High School Course Withdrawal Information:

Enrollment in courses offered through the Beacon Program is in accordance with SUNY policies. Once the Student Course Enrollment Application and tuition payment is submitted, students are enrolled in the course, and are responsible for the registration fee.

Student smilingChanges in the student’s high school schedule that affect Beacon Program courses should be immediately communicated to the Beacon Program Administration via the high school teacher/administrator, and prior to May 1st [December 1st for fall semester only courses]. A Beacon Program Course Withdrawal form, acquired from Beacon Program Administration, is required to process a course withdrawal with a W (withdrawal) assigned as a student grade. Withdrawals cannot be processed after May 1st [December 1st] and an acceptable Beacon Program grade must be assigned. Withdrawals (W) are indicated on the student’s academic transcript. There is no tuition refund after the Course Enrollment Application submission date (September 14th for Fall 2018 and full year courses and February 15th for Spring 2019 semester only courses) as all student enrollments are processed at that time.

For students who plan to enroll full time [FT] at Suffolk County Community College and apply for financial aid [FA]; non-completion (withdrawals) of courses enrolled through the Beacon Program may affect FA. Minimum standard is generally 50% of enrolled courses completed with a minimum 70% average.  For additional information on MAINTAINING FINANCIAL AID ELIGIBILITY, click on Maintaining Eligibility (top) and scroll to Repeat Coursework.

Beacon Program Timeline 2018-2019

Last day to enroll in a Beacon Program course – September 14, 2018 (fall semester/full year courses), February 15, 2019 (spring semester only courses). Student enrollment is binding and tuition non-refundable.

Last day to withdraw from a Beacon Program course due to change in high school schedule, with a W assigned as a grade (tuition is non-refundable) – December 1, 2018 (half year, fall semester only courses), May 1, 2019 (full year and half year spring semester only courses). A copy of the student’s high school transcript and a Beacon Program Withdrawal Form is required to be on file in the Beacon Program Office (Office of Academic Affairs), prior to the withdrawal date(s), to process a course withdrawal. The requisite Beacon Program Withdrawal Form can be acquired by contacting BEACON PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION.

Official Suffolk student academic transcripts are available – July 1, 2019. If transcripts are ordered prior to this date, please make sure to check the box “Hold for High School Grades” is checked.