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Posted here are teacher professional development initiatives offered through Suffolk County Community College’s academic departments. These opportunities are continually updated along with contact information. Feel free to click on the appropriate top tab to learn more about what is currently being offered.

(1) Please share an Exciting Professional Development Opportunity with all English teachers, administrators, and students who may have an interest.  Thank you!

The 7th Teaching of Writing Festival

"The theme of this year’s conference is mindfulness, resilience, and the teaching of writing: exploring how heightened awareness, resourcefulness, focus, and perseverance inform aspects of writing, research, and composition pedagogy.”

Date: Friday, November 1st, 2019 from 9:00am-2:00pm

Suffolk County Community College Ammerman Campus, 533 College Road, Selden, New York 11784


Suffolk County Community College’s seventh annual Conference is for teachers, administrators, and students throughout Long Island to learn, share, and celebrate different approaches to the teaching of writing. Teachers and students from local high schools, colleges, and universities are invited to explore the diversity of academic writing and how we can collaborate with high schools, two year colleges, and four year universities.

Proposed workshops  include meditation and writing, healing and writing, grit and writing, placement, embedded support, syllabus construction, creating writing centers, assessing student writing and progress, developmental writing, successful writing prompts, academic integrity/plagiarism, and research and revision preparation for multiple writing situations.


Registration is free. If you would like to submit a proposal or attend, please contact William Burns at 631 451-4537 or  Certificates of participation will be issued for all attendees.


(2) Please share with all LOTE/ELL teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and students who may have an interest to … an Exciting Professional Development Opportunity ... An advanced Spanish course … Thank you!

PLAN FOR NEXT SUMMER ..... In recent years, Suffolk County has seen a large influx of immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries.   Educators in Spanish-speaking communities find they have a compelling need to learn to communicate not only with the new students from these countries, but also with their parents.  In addition, these educators must come to understand cultural practices that might play a role in how the students adapt to their new environment.

Suffolk County Community College is offering SPANISH FOR EDUCATORS I during the 1st SUMMER SESSION and SPANISH FOR EDUCATORS II during the 2nd SUMMER SESSION in order to give current administrators, teachers and operational personnel an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills required to address the needs of their communities and institutions.  The course will run at Suffolk’s Ammerman Campus, in Selden during the times and dates below.   

To Register:

Summer Session I (June 3rd – July 3rd)

Spanish for Educators I (SPN 126) CRN: 64781 (3 college credits)

MTWR   6:00 - 8:00 p.m.        Ammerman Campus Building TBA

Faculty: TBA        


Summer Session II (July 8th-August 7th)

Spanish for Educators II (SPN 127) CRN: 65070 (3 college credits)

MTWR   6:00 - 8:00 p.m.        Ammerman Campus Islip Arts Building Room 110

Faculty: TBA        


Please contact Dr. Lauri Kahn, Academic Chair Department of Foreign Languages, for additional information 631 451-4911 or




For future reference, faculty professional developments and educational opportunities as well as additional educational opportunities for students will be posted on Suffolk County Community College’s website (Explore Academics-College for High School Students-Student and Teacher Educational Opportunities). 

Posted here are student academic enhancement opportunities offered through Suffolk County Community College’s academic departments. These opportunities are continually updated along with contact information.


Attention high school girls (9-12) and their parents/guardians who may be interested in learning more about career fields in technology!!!

Power Up! Girls in Technology

Suffolk County Community College is hosting a special event on April 4, 2020 specifically for high school girls interested in technology. It will be a full day event at the Ammerman Campus in Selden featuring an overview of technical careers and the common thread: computer science’s value in technology, lunch, and several breakout sessions.

Keep this SAVE the DATE for reference. Additional information will be posted.