Standard I: Mission and Goals 
Co-Chair: Ted Koukounas   Academic Chair; Professor of Mathematics 
Co-Chair: Bernadette Garcia   Professor, Communication/Arts and Languages
Cabinet Representative:
Dr. Jeffrey Pedersen
  Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Lori Ann Pipczynski   Director of External Affairs and Strategic Partnerships
Joshua Wolfson   Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Jason Ramirez   Assistant Professor of Communications and the Arts
Sam Robertson   Associate Professor of English
Jennifer Forni   College Assistant Director of Disability Services
Thomas Law   Counselor/Student Affairs
Richard Amster   Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts
Alexander Atwood   Professor of Mathematics
Joseph Napolitano   Assistant Professor of Math & Science
Veronica Iglesias   Student Representative


Standard II: Ethics and Integrity
Co-Chair: Christina Vargas   Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator
Co-Chair: Dr. Troy Tucker   College Assistant Dean/Grants Development
Cabinet Representative:
Dr. James Keane
  Grant Campus Executive Dean/Campus CEO
Dr. James Remsen   Associate Professor of Biology
Kerry Carlson   Instructor of Library Science
Janet Simpson   Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Rachael Millings   Instructor of Mathematics
Eirkka Mendez   Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Christina Bosco Langert   Assistant Professor of Social Sciences
Nancy Ellis   Professor of Business Law
Terri Donnell   Director of Financial Aid
Laura Galletta   Professional Assistant Mechatronics
Dr. Joy Mahabir   Professor of English
Sara Gorton   Associate Dean of Financial Affairs
Mary Schafer   ESL Instructor
Jennifer Canavan   Instructor/E.M.S.
Dr. Paul Beaudin   College Dean of Instruction for Educational Partnerships
Joanne Braxton   College Dean of Enrollment Management
Andrea Glick   Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts
Dr. Jordan Neus   Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Lisa Behnke   Professional Assistant Academic Advising & Mentoring Center
Tania Velazquez   Counselor
Nicole Marino   Student Representative


Standard III: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience
Co-Chair: Jennifer Browne   Associate Dean for Curriculum Development
Co-Chair: Dr. Marc Fellenz   Professor of Philosophy
Cabinet Representative:
Dr. Suzanne Johnson
  Vice President, Academic Affairs
Todd Gardner   Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
Yu Zhang   Instructor of Chemistry
Dr. Etsuko Donnelly   Associate Professor of Sociology
Elizabeth Chu   Assistant Academic Chair, Professor of Mathematics
Teri Morales   Counselor / Associate Professor of Counseling
MaryPat Takacs   Associate Professor of Library Sciences
Alyssa Kauffman   Assistant Chair/Associate Professor of Communications
Kate O’Donoghue   Assistant Professor of English
Andrea Maldari   Adjunct PA EOP
Jill Malik   Instructor of Psychology
Dr. Catherine Wynne   Specialist II/OPIE
Faye Lourenso   Academic Chair, Professor of
Graphic Design/Social Science/Visual Arts
Matthew Zisel   Counselor/Honors
Dr. Michelle Fowler   Coordinator of Instructional Development/Professor
Ana Menedez-Collera   Foreign Language Coordinator/Professor of Foreign Languages
Daphne Gordon   Project Administrator, EAP
Lauren Liburd   Specialist, Foundation
Amanda Caponi   Student Representative


Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience
Co-Chair: Dr. Patty Munsch   College Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Assessment
Co-Chair: Dr. Edward Martinez   Assistant Dean of Student Services/Director of Counseling
Cabinet Representative:
Dr. Christopher Adams
  Vice President for Student Affairs
Rich Lauria   Instructor/E.S.L.
Deborah Lesser   Principal Accountant/Adjunct Faculty
Paul Anderson   Professional Assistant II/Science
Nicholas Bosco   Associate Professor of Business
Vickie Calderon   Director of Child Care
Maria Contreras-Hernandez   Counselor/International Students
Agnes Hahn   Registered Nurse
Al Heraghty   Academic Chair of Physical Education
Louise Johnston   Counselor/Enrollment Services
Joseph Kosina   Athletics Compliance Coordinator
Lorianne Lueders-Yanotti   Director of Student Support Service
Mary Reese   Associate Dean of Student Services
Denny Teason   Director of Campus Activities
Dr. Thomas Tyson   College Associate Dean for Mental Health Services
Charles Wittreich   College Director of Theatre
Janet Stevens   Instructor of Nursing
Dr. William Burns   Associate Professor of English
Jeannine Murphy   Counselor of Financial Aid
Christina Stoss   Counselor of Disability Services
Jason Cascone   Assistant Director of the Career & Transfer Center
Ben Laudicina   Financial Aid Counselor
Maryann Verdolino-VanAalten   Admissions Counselor
Lorraine Perdormo   College Aide
Jennifer Farquhar   Associate Professor of Library Services
Christyn Harley   Student Representative


Standard V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment
Co-Chair: Dr. Courtney Brewer   Assistant Professor of Psychology
Co-Chair: Dr. Martha Kinney   Associate Professor of History
Cabinet Representative: Dr. Dorothy Laffin   Eastern Campus Executive Dean/Campus CEO
Dr. Karen Dovell   Academic Chair/ Associate Professor of English
Dr. Jean Anastasia   Assistant Academic Chair/ Professor of Biology
Dr. Richa Rawat Prakash   Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Lisa Aymong   Professor of Nursing
Dr. Caroline Burns   Assistant Director OPIE
Dr. Sharadha Sambasivan   Professor of Chemistry
Shannon O’Neill   College Director of Veterans Affairs
Dr. Jean Nicolas Pestieau   Associate Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Elizabeth McCormick   Assistant Professor of English
Leslie Buck   Professor of Mathematics
Nancy Brewer   Director of Financial Aid
Rachel Schmidt   Instructor of Criminal Justice
Hope Sasway   Assistant Chair/Associate Professor of Biology
Katelyn O'Brien   Student Representative
Eli Mousavi   Student Representative
Tylar Vigliarolo   Student Representative


Standard VI: Planning, Resources and Institutional Improvement
Co-Chair: Leslie Buck   Professor of Mathematics, Eastern Campus
Co-Chair: Matthew Okerblom   Assistant Dean for Curriculum Development
Cabinet Representative: Gail Vizzini   Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs
Dr. Helen C. Wittmann   Asst. to the V.P., Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Suzanne DelaRaba   Administrative Director of Business Services
John Bullard   Associate Dean of Financial Affairs
Janet Tierney   Specialist I/Biology
Nicholas Palumbo   Executive Director of Sustainability Programs
John Lombardo   Associate V.P. for Workforce and Economic Development
Rose Bancroft   Director of Financial Aid
Baycan Fideli   Director of Fire and Public Safety
Anna Flack   College Associate Dean for Master Schedule/Registrar
Jill Thornton   Associate Professor of Nursing
Steed Alberti   Assistant Director of Special Events
Dr. Glenda Denicolo   Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences
Elizabeth Spagnola   Assistant Dean of Student Services
Aaron Zigrosser   Student Representative
Sara Schabe   Student Representative


Standard VII: Governance, Leadership, and Administration
Co-Chair: Dr. Dante Morelli   Associate Professor of Communications
Co-Chair: Paul Basileo   Coordinator of Instructional Technology/Professor
Cabinet Representative:
Wes Lundburg
  Ammerman Campus Executive Dean/Campus CEO
Kathy Massimo   Specialist I/OPIE
Dr. Justin Turner   Assistant Professor of History
Laurey Buckley   Associate Professor of Graphic Desig
Nina Acquavita   Instructor of Communication
Toni-Anne Nhotsoubanh   Counselor
Dr. Emily Lauer   Associate Professor of English
Stacey Whitman   Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Myung Chul Kim   Associate Professor of Mathematics
Susanna Maklakov   Professor of Health Careers
Dr. David Marshall   Assistant Chair/Associate Professor of History
Pina Arcomano Britton   Assistant Dean/Academic Support Programming & Resources
Conchita Poeran   SGA Student Representative
Kaylee Mendez   SGA Student Representative
Justin Micozzi   SGA Student Representative


Logistics Committee
Co-Chair: Lisa Hamilton   Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development
Co-Chair: Katherine Aguirre   Campus Director of Admissions
Cabinet Representative:
Carol Wickliffe-Campbell
  Chief of Staff to the President
Cabinet Representative:
Sandra O’Hara
  Assistant to the President
Theresa Saladino   Director of Admissions
Sonya Lorrian   Instructor of Manufacturing Technology
Katherine Iannotta   Secretarial Assistant, Academic Affairs
Dr. Donna Ciampa   Campus Associate Dean Academic Affairs--Liberal Arts
Stephen Clark   College-Wide Director, Networking and Telecommunications
Neftali Collazo   College Director, Special Events and Programs


Writing Committee
Dr. Feliz Turhan-Swenson   Professor of English
Dana Antonucci-Durgan   Head Librarian
Mary Lou Araneo   Vice President for Institutional Advancement