The location for the October 19, 2017 meeting of the College’s Board of Trustees has been changed to the new Learning Resource Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus and is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

Faculty Connections

High School Faculty

High school faculty who teach courses offered through the Excelsior Program are selected and certified by both their high school principal and Suffolk County Community College. To be certified to teach courses offered through the Excelsior Program, high school faculty should hold credentials equivalent to Suffolk's faculty teaching a comparable on-campus course.

There is collaboration between the high school faculty and Suffolk's faculty in each academic department.

High School Faculty Benefits:

  • Provided with ongoing, discipline-specific, college-based professional development, connecting high school faculty with Suffolk's faculty and collegial resources.
  • Tours of the college are hosted for Excelsior Program high school faculty and their students upon request through Excelsior Program Administration.
  • Excelsior Program guidelines for participating high school faculty are available upon request by contacting Excelsior Program Administration.