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Summer 2016 Youth Programs

Summer Coding and Gaming Courses for Youths

These programs are designed by Black Rocket, an educational technology company that specializes in emerging technologies and instruction.  Black Rocket has more than a decade of experience designing programs in the STEM and digital arts fields.  Every program is powered by the campers' innate imaginations and designed to bring their ideas to life in a fun, hands-on learning environment.  From concept to creation, students will demonstrate their masterpieces to the world at the end of each week.  All Black Rocket programs mirror real-life experiences and the collaborative nature of the design process.  Students will work in pairs at times.  Each student will have their own computer.



Students will learn the physics behind 3D games, explore beginner event scripting, level design, and controlling flow of gameplay.  They will also learn storytelling. (4 Meetings)


Using a specialized app and game development tool, students will explore the world of web-based (HTML5) mobile apps.  In addition to learning the basics of mobile app design and game development, they will experience the world od app publishing.  Student-created apps will be accessible on a private site and can be played on any device or computer.  No prior experience is necessary and students do not need to own a smartphone or tablet this class. ( 4 Meetings)


Calling all future coders, programmers and designers!  Learn the basics of coding languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS through a series of web projects and design challenges.  Whether you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or the high school student who just made $1 million dollars for programming at, this course has the essentials you need to begin your journey. (4 Meetings)


Use your favorite game to learn the basics of modding and the foundations of programming.  Learning scripting and environment inspired by Minecraft. (4 Meetings)