The College's Michael J Grant Campus in Brentwood has been selected as the venue for a speech by President Donald Trump on the subject of MS-13 gang violence, this coming Friday, July 28th. The speech will take place in the VanNostrand Theatre and is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Please note that the audience is restricted to invited members of law enforcement and the media, with all invitations being handled by the White House. Due to traffic conditions, you are encouraged to avoid the area. Please click here for further information.

K-12 Programs


Science Technology Entry Program (STEP), Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) and Driver Education

The Office for Continuing Education offers several programs for young people.
  • The Science and Technology Entry Level Program (STEP) and the Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) are special programs funded by the New York State Education Department.
  • Driver Education provides the required classroom and in-car instruction to prepare 16 and 17 year-olds for their license exam.
  • Summer courses are one to two weeks in length and are designed for junior high and high school students.  Learn to design a web page or experience the role of a doctor/nurse or a "top chef".