The College’s Michael J Grant Campus in Brentwood has been selected as the venue for a speech by President Donald Trump on the subject of MS-13 gang violence, this coming Friday, July 28th. The speech will take place in the VanNostrand Theatre and is scheduled for Friday afternoon. Please note that the audience is restricted to invited members of law enforcement and the media, with all invitations being handled by the White House. Due to traffic conditions, you are encouraged to avoid the area. Please click here for further information

RAC Committee Members

Registration Advisory Committee Members

Anna Flack (Chair), College Registrar 
451-4008, NFL Building, Room 120, Central - Ammerman Campus

Gary Campbell, College Associate Dean of Planning and College Master Schedule 
451-4732, NFL Building, Room 120, Central -  Ammerman Campus

Joanne Braxton, College Dean of Enrollment Management 
451-4026, NFL Building, Room 120, Central - Ammerman Campus

Rose Bancroft, College Assistant Director of Financial Aid 
451-4064, NFL Building, Room 120, Central - Ammerman Campus

Laura Levine, Director of Information Management 
451-4686, Riverhead Technology Building, Room101, Central - Ammerman Campus

Linda Sprague, Campus Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 
451-4059, Ammerman Building, Room 102G, Ammerman Campus 

Jane Shearer, Campus Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, 
548-2562, Peconic Building, Room 224, Eastern Campus

Donna Ciampa, Campus Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 
851-6750, Caumsett Hall, Room 101, Michael J. Grant Campus

Charles Bartolotta, Campus Associate Dean of Student Services 
451-4790, Ammerman Building, Room 200 F, Ammerman Campus

Mary Reese, Campus Associate Dean of Student Services 
548-2515, Peconic Building, Room 224, Eastern Campus

Meryl Rogers, Campus Associate Dean of Student Services 
851-6521, Caumsett Hall, Room 106, Michael J. Grant Campus

Thomas Tyson, Assistant Dean of Student Services/Campus Director of Counseling 
451-4475, Ammerman Building, Room 209K, Ammerman Campus

Charles Connolly, Campus Director of Enrollment Services 
548-2528, Peconic Building, Room 216D, Eastern Campus

Jeffrey Lang, Campus Director of Admissions 
451-4022, Ammerman Building, Room 103H, Ammerman Campus

Nancy Brewer, Campus Director Financial Aid 
851-6815, Caumsett Hall, Room 33C, Michael J. Grant Campus

John Cienski, Administrative Director of Business Services 
451-4080, Ammerman Building, Room 100D, Ammerman Campus

Suzanne Dela Raba, Administrative Director of Business Services 
548-2549, Peconic Building, Room 230B, Eastern Campus

Daniel Feld, Administrative Director of Business Services 
851-6711, Caumsett Hall, Room 113A, Michael J. Grant Campus

Christopher Gherardi, Associate Dean for Faculty and Professional Advancement 
451-4225, Smithtown Science Building, Room 100, Ammerman Campus

Nina Leonhardt, College Associate Dean for Continuing Education 
451-4607, North Building, Central - Ammerman Campus

June Ohrnberger, Director of ESL Programs 
851-6884, Sagtikos Arts & Science Center, Room 101, Grant

Kristin Riley, Specialist II, Continuing Education 
451-4297, North Building, Central - Ammerman Campus 

Dawn Short, Administrator I, Campus Registrar 
451-4019, Ammerman Building, Room 10, Ammerman Campus

Linda Puleo, Administrator I, Campus Registrar 
851-6782, Caumsett Hall, Room, 113D, Michael J. Grant Campus

Marguerite Timmons, Principal Clerk Typist, Campus Registrar 
548-2505, Peconic Building, Room 230, Eastern Campus