SCCC Notice: For Thursday,07/20/17,Due to recurring intermittent power outages all classes and activities that start at or after 2pm for the Ammerman campus only are cancelled. All non-essential employees on the Ammerman Campus (including Central employees) are permitted to leave.

Welcome Adjuncts

Dear Adjunct Faculty Colleagues:


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the ranks of adjunct faculty at Suffolk County Community College. You are now a member of our distinguished faculty and part of the largest community college in the State of New York. Each semester we employ over 1500 adjunct faculty to help us meet the educational needs of our residents. Overall, we have well over 2600 adjuncts who maintain an active status with Suffolk County Community College throughout an academic year.  

To help you orient more quickly to the College – its policies, practices and resources – we have developed this website to assist you with support and information for your role as faculty. 

One important item to remember:  Your Suffolk County Community College email account is the official means of communication for the entire college community.  Please check it weekly for updates, College issues and NORA requests.

Again on behalf of the College, let me welcome you to Suffolk County Community College and offer you best wishes for a successful and rewarding academic year.


Christopher N. Gherardi, Associate Dean 

Office for Faculty and Professional Advancement

                                                                                                                                                                Revised 4/22/14