SCCC Notice: For Thursday,07/20/17,Due to recurring intermittent power outages all classes and activities that start at or after 2pm for the Ammerman campus only are cancelled. All non-essential employees on the Ammerman Campus (including Central employees) are permitted to leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

College Email Account

Email is the official form of communication throughout the College and a condition of employment. Important information is delivered regarding all aspects of employment not limited to: Assignments (NORA form) and deadlines, accepting assignments, course certifications, promotion information and professional development programs. It is also used to access your class rosters, submit enrollment and/or grade rosters. It is imperative that you consistently check and clean out your email account in order to keep it functioning. If you have any computer issues please contact the Computer Center at 451-4357.

Change Password

In order to change your password you must go to the College home page , go to MY SCCC and sign in when prompted with your username and temporary password. On the left hand side is a section titled “QuickLinks for Employees”. At the bottom of the list is “change password”. Fill in the appropriate areas.

Accessing Your SCCC Email Account

To access your email account you must go to the College homepage at At the far right is the tab “MYSCCC”. Log in with your username and password. Your “Email” tab is the last tab at the end of the row.

If you wish to access your email from another website the address is

If you have any computer issues please contact the Computer Center at 451-4357.

Faculty Parking Permit

The second link under “QuickLinks” is called “vehicle registration”. Fill out the information required. There is typically a 7 to 10 day wait for your permit to arrive through the mail. It is transferable from vehicle to vehicle. All questions or problems should be directed to Baycan Fideli, Director of Public Safety, via email at

Payroll Information

Employees at Suffolk County Community College are paid biweekly. During the Fall and Spring semesters there are seven pay periods. For Winter session and the five week Summer session one paycheck will be issued. The eight week Summer session will be paid over two pay periods.

Your Official SCCC Photo ID

The photo ID is a mandatory condition of employment. The Board of Trustees adopted a College policy that all College employees must have an official College photo ID with them at all times while they are working.

Photo ID Locations

Ammerman Campus - Selden

Ammerman Building - Registrar’s Office (451-4004) located downstairs Monday through Thursday 9am – 6pm, Friday 9am to 4:45pm.

Eastern Campus – Riverhead

Peconic Building – Room 119 (548-3636) call first - Monday – Thursday 9am to 9pm, Friday 9am to 5 pm.

Michael J. Grant Campus – Brentwood

North Cottage (851-6777) – Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm.

The College’s Policy Regarding Transcripts

As a condition of employment with Suffolk County Community College official copies of both graduate and undergraduate transcripts must be on file in every new Adjunct Faculty’s personnel folder before the last day of their first semester. Faculty who fail to comply with this policy will be removed from the seniority list and any assignments given for future semesters will be reassigned. Please have your transcripts sent to:

Michele Fitzpatrick

Suffolk County Community College

Office for Faculty & Professional Advancement

533 College Road

Smithtown Science Bldg, Room 107

Selden, NY 11784

All foreign educational credentials must be translated into English and evaluated by an accredited agency for US equivalency.  Applicants must have a course- by - course translation into English and evaluation by one of the College-approved agencies.  These agencies below are on the approved list.  If you require a different option, please contact this office. 

World Education Services Tele: 1-212-966-6311 Fax: 1-212-966-6395

Education Credential Evaluators Tele: 1-414-289-3400 or:

AACRAO Tele: 1-202-296-3559 Fax: 1-202-822-3940

If you have any questions regarding your transcripts contact Michele Fitzpatrick at 451-4315 or by email at

Accessing Your Faculty Schedule

Go to MYSCCC; enter your username and password. Go to the Academic tab, and then Faculty services, select Faculty Schedule. Make sure you are in the correct semester.

Accessing Your Class, Enrollment and Grade Rosters

Go to MYSCCC; enter your username and password. Go to the Academic tab, then Faculty Services. Choose Class, Enrollment Verification Roster, or Grade Roster. Select the semester and submit. Note: You will receive email notifications for the deadlines for Enrollment Verification Rosters and Grade Rosters. Enrollment Verification Rosters are used as part of the New York State funding formula and impact a student’s ability to receive financial aid. Therefore submitting them previous to the deadline is essential. Should you have any issues filling out an Enrollment Roster please contact your Campus Registrar’s office.

Accessing Your Photo Rosters

Go to MYSCCC and enter your username and password. Under the “Academic” tab, to to “Faculty”. In the middle is a box titled “Managing Your Classes”. “ Photo Rosters” is the first choice.


NORA stands for Notice of Reasonable Assurance. Dean Gherardi from The Office of Faculty and Professional Advancement will periodically send out an email notifying all adjuncts of the deadlines to complete their respective NORA forms. Every adjunct wishing to work in the upcoming semester must complete the NORA form. Shortly after the deadline date the seniority list is distributed to the Academic Chairs and Deans college-wide. The Academic Chairs then make assignments based on the list they receive. There are options if you miss the NORA deadlines.

Accessing the NORA form

This form is only available during the specified periods each semester. You will receive email notification from Dean Gherardi when the form is available and deadline dates.

Go to MYSCCC and log in. Go to Academics and then Faculty. On the left hand side is the link that’s says Overload/NORA then choose “adjunct/overload”. Once you have completed your NORA please remember to “submit” and print out the confirmation number.

If you miss the NORA Deadline

Failure to submit your NORA by the deadline date will result in loss of seniority for the coming semester regardless of your current seniority position.

If you wish to be placed on the NORA late list, contact Michele Fitzpatrick at using your SCCC email account. You will need to include your rank,(instructor, PA, etc.), the discipline in which you teach, campus preferences in preference order, days and times of your availability and whether you would be interested in a second assignment. According to the assignment rules every adjunct who submitted their NORA form on time is entitled to two assignments before anyone on the late list gets one assignment. No matter what your seniority rank may be, if you did not submit your NORA on time you will not be considered for an assignment until that rule has been satisfied.

Accepting or Declining Assignments

Dean Gherardi from The Office of Faculty and Professional Advancement will send out an email notifying all adjuncts of the dates that you can go on line to accept or decline your assignments.

Accepting or Declining Assignments cont.

This form is only available during the specified periods each semester. Go to MYSCCC and log in. Go to the Academics tab and then Faculty. On the left hand side is the link that’s says Overload/NORA then choose “accept/decline”. Choose the semester and either accept or decline your assignment. Please make sure you submit and print out your confirmation number. If you do not accept or decline your assignment it can be reassigned to another adjunct.

Eligibility for Conference Attendance

Each adjunct with three (3) or more semesters of SCCC experience that is teaching/working two or more contact hours per semester is eligible to apply for reimbursement from the Adjunct Professional Development Fund. This fund consists of $20,000 (per FA contract) for the use by adjuncts for professional conferences. Eligible adjuncts can be reimbursed for expenses up to $750 per year.

Funds are subject to approval and distributed on a first come, first serve basis. You must submit and receive approval of a “request for reimbursement “form before attending a conference of spending money for professional purposes. Without prior approval you may not be reimbursed. Forms and guidelines are available on the College’s “Adjunct Faculty Services” website.

All original receipts and forms required for reimbursement must be submitted for payment within 90 days of the conference date. Failure to submit this documentation will forfeit your right for reimbursement. All original receipts for the conference such as: brochures, agendas, badges, boarding passes, tolls, etc must be submitted in order to be reimbursed. Adjuncts requesting conference attendance reimbursement must be working during the semester that the conference is being held. Applicant must also submit Mileage Reimbursement form if mileage is within Suffolk County.

Forms are to be submitted to the Office for Faculty & Professional Advancement, Suffolk County Community College, 533 College Road, Smithtown Science Bldg, Room 100, Selden, NY 11784. If you have any questions about conference attendance please contact Donna Krompinger at 451-4307 or

Eight Semester Rule

In the event that an adjunct faculty member has not had an assignment for eight or more consecutive semesters all seniority rights shall be lost. The faculty member loses all accruals and will need to fill out an entirely new employment pay packet if given an assignment. They will return at their previous title but will have lost their previous seniority.

REHIRING POLICY (Less than 18 months no more than 7 Semesters)

Anyone who has been off the payroll system for less than 18 months must fill out a new W-4 form and a new Payroll/Personnel Part-Time Faculty Form (Retirement Information Form). Anyone who has been off the payroll system longer than 18 months must fill out an entire payroll packet.


You are entitled to one day of sick time per semester if your class meets once a week and two days of sick time per semester if your class meets twice a week.

Important Phone Numbers

Ammerman Campus Security - 451-4242 Nurse - 451-4047
Eastern Campus Security - 548-3636 Nurse - 548-2510
Grant Campus Security - 851-6777 Nurse - 851-6709

Vera Weeks 631-451-4464 Email-
Michele Fitzpatrick 631-451-4315 Email-
Donna Krompinger 631-451-4307 Email-
Computer Center Help Desk 631-451-4357
Payroll Office (Sandra Reinhart) 631-451-4204 Email-
Faculty Association 631-451-4151 Website-
Adjunct Union Rep:Cynthia Eaton 631-451-4151 Email-


Important Deadlines

Important deadlines can be found by accessing the Adjunct Services website at : . Emails will also be sent by our office to remind you of these deadlines.

Links with other valuable Adjunct information:

  • Faculty Association Web Page - Click on Adjuncts or Contract to see your Collective Bargaining Agreement and MOA.

  • WORD This is a monthly newsletter printed by the Faculty Association which is a great way to find out what’s happening at the College. There is an Adjunct Information Page.