Reporting an Incident

Cyber Threats

Incident Reporting

You are often the first line of defense for the College in combating cyber threats and the theft and loss of College information. The College relies on you to help ensure our information and resources remain secure.  One method where your help is vital is in reporting cyber issues that you may have noticed or that may have happened to you.

Please immediately call the CIS help desk at 451-HELP (4357) to report incidents such as:

  • The loss of confidential College data whether in paper or electronic form.  The latter may occur as a result of the loss or theft of a laptop, cellphone, or media such as a USB drive or CD.
  • The inadvertent sending of confidential College data through an insecure channel such as email (as an unencrypted file) or faxing.  Also report secure faxing that may have been sent to an incorrect phone number.
  • The accidental providing of usernames and passwords in response to an email solicitation.  The College will never ask you to provide your login credentials through an email message.   
  • A suspicion that your College computer may have been compromised with a virus or other malware.
  • The finding of private College information or login credentials in a public location on a desk, in a printer, or in a fax or copy machine.
  • The posting of confidential College information on a website.